Rose was at a bar one night and she met a certain someone named Harry Styles and she goes home with him... What will happen when she falls hard for him?

My first fan fiction! Leave feedback!


1. Chapter 1: At the Bar

Rose's POV:

     It had been ages since I've been to a bar so you could say I was exited! I was 21 so I can at age. I was ready and I was downstairs just waiting on April and Monica to finish getting ready. It had been 10 minutes and the girls needed to hurry up! "HURRY UP YOU TWO! GET YOUR ARSES DOWN HERE! IT'S TIME TO GO!" I yelled. 2 minutes later April and Monica came downstairs looking lovely as always! I grabbed my bag my keys and my phone and we were out the door.  It was about a 25 minute minute ride there. April was in the passenger seat so she was in charge of the radio. She turned on to a station and Live While We're Young came on! All 3 of us looked at each other and started to sing it soooo loud!! Oh.. One little thing I forgot to mention... We are directioners.. You may think we are too old but we don't care! We are still in love with them! Soon, we got there and we showed the guard out I.D.s and we got in! As soon as we got in we went up to the bar and ordered 3 shots. We each took one and we had 2 more. By that time I was a weeeeee bit tipsy. Haha who am I kidding.. I was a a little bit drunk! I went out to the dance floor and started to get crazy! I was dancing to 'Dancing in the Dark' by Dev. Suddenly I feel a pair of soft and warm hand snake around my waist. I turn around and see a really cute guy with green eyes and really curly brown hair! He was soooo cute! An hour had passed and It was time to go.. I told Harry I had to go but as soon as I turned around to walk away, I felt his hand on my wrist. He pulled me close and whispered in my ear "Stay with me tonight, please" I giggled and said yes. I told April and Mon to go and I got into a car with the lovley Mr. Styles. 

A/N- Sorryyy it was so long! Tell me if it is boring? Tell me its good? Tell me to make it better? Feedback is welcome :) xoxo- Harry Is My Kryptonite  

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