Our Story: A Niall Horan Fanfiction

Taylor hates her life. Her dad is abusive and she never has told her mom. One day shes had enough and leaves. Thats when she meets Niall.What will happen? Will she fall in love and finally be happy? Or will her dad ruin her life once again before she even gets it back on track? Read to find out. this is my first fanfiction so i hope you like it. please read and let me know what you think.


22. Truly Happy

Niall's POV

I held her in my arms until they took him away to the cop car. The police wanted to ask Taylor a few questions but she wouldn't leave my side. She wouldn't even speak to anyone but me. I asked her the questions they needed to and she answered them. Apparently she's been raped and beaten for two weeks nonstop with barely any food. Taylor, the boys, the police and me were all sitting outside. I had Taylor in my lap while I was stroking her hair. She was so much smaller than she was before. The Bright blue color in her eyes have turned to dull grey. Her face is as pail as a ghost. Shes just not the same. I hate her father for what he's done.

"Niall?" it was Taylor whispering in my ear with the smallest sounding voice.

"Yes sweetie?"

She was hesitant to speak.

"I-I'm pregnant."

That ass got her pregnant. How could he? How could anyone do that to their own kid. I know I won't.

"Are you sure?"

"Yea I've been having morning sickness a lot lately."

"Well lets get you to a doctor just to make sure. Everything will be fine now. If you are pregnant I'll be with you every step of the pregnancy."

"You're not leaving me?"

"Of course not! Why would I ever leave you?"

"Because I'm pregnant with my fathers baby, I figured it would change everything for you and besides its not your baby. You shouldn't have to take care of it. I just figured you wouldn't want a broken pregnant teen."

She looked down and played with her hands.

"Babe look at me."

She looked me in the eyes. " I don't care if you're broken or a pregnant teen. And I'm going to help you take care of the baby. The baby's not even his. Biologically it will be but not in my book. This baby's mine. Ours. This is when you need me the most and there's no way I'll EVER leave you. I love you." I kissed her temple.

"I love you too."

"Come on we're flying home tonight."

We got in the car and Taylor won't leave my side. Her hands have been wrapped around my waist since the moment we found her. The boys have been giving her sympathetic looks the whole way to the airport but she couldn't see them. Her face was buried in my chest. She hasn't spoken since she told me she was pregnant. She has to be so scared right now I mean she's so young. She hasn't even finished school yet. We'll have to get her on an online program or something. He just has to screw everything up for us doesn't he? Taylor had her whole life ahead of her and everything will just be pushed back because of the baby. Everything is his fault. It's his fault she's so broken.

I'm actually kinda excited to see this baby. It's my baby. I'm going to be a father. I'm going to take care of this baby like it really is my own.

Before I knew it we were on a plane back to America. When everything is settled and when Taylor's ready I plan on buying a house in Ireland with her. That way we'll be close to family and Taylor won't have to deal with possibly running into her mom. I know that wouldn't end well. Hopefully one day we can finally be truly happy together and stay that way.
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