Our Story: A Niall Horan Fanfiction

Taylor hates her life. Her dad is abusive and she never has told her mom. One day shes had enough and leaves. Thats when she meets Niall.What will happen? Will she fall in love and finally be happy? Or will her dad ruin her life once again before she even gets it back on track? Read to find out. this is my first fanfiction so i hope you like it. please read and let me know what you think.


7. Scare

Taylor's POV

"Let me show you your room love." Niall said to me. I walked up the steps of the big country house and we walked down the hallway. He led me into a room with walls that were painted a lavender color, and there were paintings everywhere, this room was amazing. The bed spread was whit and black with a floral design. This room was huge, bigger than my room at home. That was just a little bigger than a closet. "Like it?" Niall said. "Like it? I love it Niall, this room is great." "Yeah well you'll love it even more when you look in your closet." I opened my closet to see a full wardrobe of clothing that was absolutely adorable but they all had to be extremely expensive. "Oh my god Niall stop buying me things! You and your aunt already let me live in your house and you bought me this necklace. You've done enough for me." "What were you going to do without any clothes? Someone had to buy them." "I could have." " oh yeah with what money, the money from the tooth fairy?" "You're rig but don't make me sound so young, I'm old enough to know the tooth fairy is fake." "The tooth fairy is fake?!" He starts fake sobbing and I slap his arm playfully. "Oh shut up." "Oh co e on you know you love my cheekiness." He walks over and sits down on the little ledge for the window sill and I follow him. "Yes I do. You really bring my spirits up Niall. You're amazing" "Not as amazing as you." I blush and look out the window. I was shocked to see what I did. I started breathing heavy and was shaking. "Taylor what's wrong love?" Not even his cute nicknames could clam me down. I couldn't say a word. He looked out the window and his face told me that I wasn't crazy and he saw him too. He was staring through the window with an evil grin on his face. He knew I was here. Oh god what do I do? I felt like his eyes burned wholes into my soul when he looked at me. I figured he'd find out I told mom and come looking for me I just didn't think he'd find me this fast. He wasn't known to be the smartest person ever. I'm not hard to find since I'm right across the street. Niall took me out of view from the window and held me by the shoulders. He looked into my eyes and said "Taylor he won't hurt you, I promise, I'll protect you." I just cried my eyes out and laid my head on his shoulder. He wiped every tear from my cheeks that fell. "Hey so he thinks you're gone why don't we go on a Holiday? That means vacation." "Haha I know what that means. Just me and you?" "Yeah just me and you so we can get to know each other better." "Okay where are we going?" "Where do you want to go?" "Hmmm somewhere warm and beachy. What about Malibu or the Bahamas or something?" "Okay warm and beachy type place. I'll set that up tomorrow and then well leave as soon as we can. Until then we have to stay in a hotel. Here is probably the first place hell look." "I'm scared. What if he comes for me now or worse he finds out I. With you and he hurts you? I can't let that happen to you." "Love like I said, I'll protect you and we'll both be fine." "Promise?" "Promise. He hugged me tighter and I helped him pack his bags. The next thing I knew we were off to the hotel.


Okay so I just wanted to let you know that I also have a quotev where I will also be posting my stories on there, it's TMloves1D. The first and only story I have up is teachers pet but I will try to come up with short imagines and other things. Thanks so much! :)
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