Our Story: A Niall Horan Fanfiction

Taylor hates her life. Her dad is abusive and she never has told her mom. One day shes had enough and leaves. Thats when she meets Niall.What will happen? Will she fall in love and finally be happy? Or will her dad ruin her life once again before she even gets it back on track? Read to find out. this is my first fanfiction so i hope you like it. please read and let me know what you think.


19. Old Life Becomes the New

I was just kidnapped my my own father. I thought your father is supposed to be
there when you need them, take you places and bond with you but no. I just got a
piece of crap. That's all he is to me now. I don't even consider him my father.
He took me away from my soulmate. As I was thrown in the car the only thing I
could picture was the  look on Niall's face. Tears streaming down his face
screaming "I promise baby, I'll find you. I love you!", remembering the sight
brought tears to my eyes and I was trembling trying to stay strong like Niall
would want me to. What does he want with me anyway? I'm nothing special. That's
how he makes me feel. Like nothing. Like nothing I ever did or even my self
mattered. He put me through hell and the feeling will never be erased from my
mind, my heart and my soul. I feel empty. Why does everything have to be so
complicated? So difficult? Why can't I just live a happy life an never have to
deal with him ever again. All I want is to be happy and have a peaceful life
with the one I love. Niall. I really hope he meant what he said, that he would
find me. No I know he meant it and he will do whatever he can to get me back. I
would do the same for him. The drive was long and I was blindfolded and my hands
were tied so I couldn't tell where we were going. He's never done this before.
What is he planning to do with me?  I don't care at this point the longer I
wonder and fight him the longer Ill be away from Ni. I need to see my Niall.

After driving for hours the car stopped. I heard him shut the door and come
around to my side. He opened the door, took my blindfold offand immediately  
starting beating me. I was slapped crossed the face multiple times, my face
numbing from the slaps. He dragged me into somewhere cold and bitter. Just by
the feel I knew it was not going to be easy living here. The room I was dragged
into felt like an icebox. I would freeze to death before Niall ever found me or
anyone did. That's all I'm praying for, that's all I'm asking for. Someone find
me and get me back to Niall.

I was picked up and slammed into the wall. I winced at the pain my whole back
experienced. He was a very strong man.

"You left me baby. How could you do that? I thought you loved me. I missed you.
Come kiss me babe!"

"No get away from me! Stop!" 

"I'll get a kiss from you whether you like it or not and that's a promise!
Cooperate or I'll have to hurt you. I don't want to hurt my beautiful girl."
"Eat crap."

"you asked for it!" he put his hand up and smacked me.

My nightmare came true. This really just happened. I give up. I'm not fighting

"You win."

"Good girl."

He kissed me and his tongue slid into my mouth with force. Disgust filled my
body as I felt him touch my breasts. This can't be happening.

My legs stayed tightly clamped together as he moved his hands down to my pants
trying to remove them. He smacked me once more. Backhanded me actually.

"Don't fight me!"

I relaxed my legs and let him do what he needed to.
Everything went as it usually went back when I was living at home, just one
thing different. He didn't put a condom on. He told me of we had a baby I'd be
stuck with him. I can't get pregnant. I'm only 16 and by my father! Oh my god
what is Niall going to say. Hell hate me for being like this. Who wants a broken
pregnant freak who was raped by her father. I mean he took me in before but now
I could possibly be pregnant. That changes everything for me and it's not
Niall's baby so why should he have to take care of it.  I can't get a head of my
self. I just have to get out f here and then take a test. Who knows if I'll ever
get out of here.

"You were good as always sweetie." he walked out of the door leaving me naked on
the cold  floor. There was no furniture in this room either. I put my clothes on
and crawled into the corner putting my knees to my chest. I felt dirty. I felt
like the worst person ever. Being raped so many different times can get to you.
For normal people they'd be suffering and traumatized the first time. I was too
I just got used to it.

He came back in later with a piece of bread and water. That's all I got.

"Eat." and he walked out the door again.

And that's how it went on for two straight weeks. Laying on the cold floor
getting barely any sleep at night feeling empty and dirty after the raping.
Getting bread and water once a day. That's all I got. Every morning I would wake
up with morning sickness. I think I really am pregnant. I would vomit in the
corner and he'd smack me and tell me to pick it up. I have to go to the bathroom
outside. I haven't had a shower since I got here.  The only thing I've done is
rub my stomach and sing to my possible baby while trying to keep warm. I don't
know why it's so cold in here when its so warm outside. Maybe we're not in
Malibu anymore, we were driving a long time. Like 14 hours long. The whole two
weeks I've been here the only things I've thought about is Niall and my baby. I
wonder how Niall is. Does he miss me? Is he healthy? How is he feeling? I wonder
about the baby. Is the baby healthy? Will it survive without the care that it
needs? So many questions have ran through my mind in these two weeks it's
ridiculous. This is my life now. Old life becomes the new.

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