Our Story: A Niall Horan Fanfiction

Taylor hates her life. Her dad is abusive and she never has told her mom. One day shes had enough and leaves. Thats when she meets Niall.What will happen? Will she fall in love and finally be happy? Or will her dad ruin her life once again before she even gets it back on track? Read to find out. this is my first fanfiction so i hope you like it. please read and let me know what you think.


8. No Other Place

Niall's POV

That scare had me real worried. I had to get Taylor out of her. She can't get hurt. We finally decided we were going on a holiday in Malibu. We got to the hotel room and just laid down. We were so exhausted. I knew she was be amuse she almost fell asleep on the way here. As soon as we got to the room she climbed in bed with me and cuddled to my body like she did that night in the hospital."Ni?" "Ni?" "That's my nickname for you now." "Oh well yea?" "Why do you do this for me? Why are you so nice? You're basically putting your life in jeopardy for my safety. Why?" "Because you're a really great person and I want to help you." What I wanted to say was I'm falling for you. Hard. And I need to protect you. What if she didn't like me back? I don't think she's ready for me to tell her. She's been through too much. I'll wait to tell her. "You're so sweet Ni goodnight." "Good night." I fell asleep with her in my arms and there was no other place I'd rather be.
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