Our Story: A Niall Horan Fanfiction

Taylor hates her life. Her dad is abusive and she never has told her mom. One day shes had enough and leaves. Thats when she meets Niall.What will happen? Will she fall in love and finally be happy? Or will her dad ruin her life once again before she even gets it back on track? Read to find out. this is my first fanfiction so i hope you like it. please read and let me know what you think.


3. I'll Take Care of You

Taylors POV

I woke up with pain all through my body. I've never felt this much pain before. Not even when me and Dad had our first action experience. Then I could'nt even walk I was so sore. When I opened my eyes i saw.......Niall Horan? sitting right infront of me. But how? I never knew they were in town let alone right acrossed the street. I always know where One Direction is.Im a Directioner for god sakes! How could  I possibly not have known? He looked so cute with his crystal blue eyes and blonde hair with brown roots. He was wearing a white v-neck, blue jeans, supras and a green snapback. My thoughts were lost when he spoke, ''How you feeling?'' Oh my god his accent was to die for. ''Like I was hit by a train'' I answered. I had too much pain to even make it known I acknowleged who he was. ''Anything I can dofor you?'' ''Not unless you can rewind time.'' ''Why?'' ''I shouldnt have even tried, thought of runnung away.'' ''Why did you?'' I didnt want to put all of this on someone I just met  but I need to tell someone. ''Ready for this?'' He quicly nodded.''My Dad, he rapes me and if I dont do what im told he rapes me. I havent told my Mom becuase im afriad he'll find out I told and make my life even more miserable. I just have to get out. I guess that wont be happening any time soon'' ''Taylor, you have to tell your Mom.'' How did he know my name? Oh well thats a question to be asked later. '' I ca-'' Then I was cut off by  a knock at the door and my parents came in. I was so scared when I saw my Dad I thought I was going to pass out right there. I was shaking and my Mom grabbed my hand. '' Sweetie is there something wrong?'' I was about to speak but was cut off by Niall. ''Actually ,No she really needs totalk to you, in private.'' I gve him a look like 'Shut up' and i looked over at my Dad. He was hesitant to leave but eventually he did. I sat up on the bed  and my mom sat down beside me. I couldnt speak and i was really nervous. Niall held my hand in his and it was so soft and comforting. Thanks to him I finally got enough courage to speak. ''Dad's been raping me ans beating me for a while now. I never wanted to tell you because I was afraid he would make things worse. He makes it sound like were a couple while youre working. Today I  tried to run out of the house and Niallsaved me from him and took me  here.He did this to me.''By now i couldnt speakanymore and just started crying. Niall sat on the bed beside me and wrapped me in a horan hug. Eventually Mom spoke. ''You are such a liar, Your Dad loves you and you know that he would never hurt you. Youre just trying to mess up this family. Once you get out of here I want you out of my house and never come back.'' She siad sternly. ''Mom you cant be serious!'' '' Oh I'm dead serious. I want you gone.'' With that she walked out the door slamming it shut. '' What am I supposed to do now?  I have no place to live and Im not even out of high school yet. I'm only 16 and im already on my own.'' ''I'll take care of you.'' Niall says. '' I cant ask you to do that.'' ''Youre not askng, Im offering.'' '' Well I cant take you up on that offer.'' ''Okay, I insist.'' I stayed silent for a moment and then began to speak. ''Are you sure?'' ''I'm posotive. I'll take care of you. I'll never hurt you and I'll make sure this ever happens to you again.'' ''Thats so sweet of you Niall.'' ''Come on lets get you cleaned up.'' ''Why whats rong with me?'' He giggled and said ''Nothing you just have cuts and bruises and you have bllod in your hair. None of the nurses cleaned you up.'' ''How bad do I look?'' ''Just fine now come on.'' i tired to get up but i just couldnt walk. I bent over in pain and kneeled on the floor. ''Are you alright?'' ''Yeah , just a little sore.'' ''It looks like youre more than a little sore. Let me carry you.'' He picked me up bridal style and carried me into the bathroom. 

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