Our Story: A Niall Horan Fanfiction

Taylor hates her life. Her dad is abusive and she never has told her mom. One day shes had enough and leaves. Thats when she meets Niall.What will happen? Will she fall in love and finally be happy? Or will her dad ruin her life once again before she even gets it back on track? Read to find out. this is my first fanfiction so i hope you like it. please read and let me know what you think.


31. Accident

Chapter 30:

Niall's POV

It's been a few months and everything's going great. Taylor's now 6 months pregnant and today were going to find out what the baby is, you know, boy or girl. Taylor and the boys have gotten real close, especially her and Liam, which I'm just a little jealous about. I think they're almost as close as Taylor and Erin are. But like I said everything's great.

I was sitting at the studio working on songs for the new album when I got a phone call.


"Is this Mr. Horan?"


"This is the Dublin hospital your loved one, Taylor was brought here not too long ago I advise you get here quick."

Looks like I was wrong.

Taylor's POV

Niall has been working all day and I decided to go visit him at the studio, but going to surprise my loving boyfriend at his work wasn't going to happen.

Driving to the studio, I came across a driver, on the wrong side of the road and swerving back and forth. They were drunk, knowing me and my family have the worst luck with drunk drivers, I started to freak.

You see, when my Mom was fifteen she had a boyfriend named Brian , B for short. B and my mom got into an argument one weekend and B tried to get my mom off his mind, by spending time with his four other friends. They were driving to a party and a drunk driver hit them head on, not to mention none of them were wearing their seat belts. B was sitting in the passenger seat, he flew through the windshield and broke his neck. He died instantly. Another instance was before I was even born, my uncle Ricky, his wife and my aunt Peggy, and their 6 month old daughter were killed by a drunk driver. Like B and his friends, they were hit head on, but the damage was much worse. The car was smushed, trapping them in the car while they screamed for help, we'll just my aunt was screaming. My uncle Ricky was already gone. My aunt, however made it out, for a while. She was pronounced dead at the hospital either a day or a couple hours later. The baby, Melissa, she was pronounced dead at the scene. I never got to meet them and I wish I could.

Before I knew it, my car was slammed into, leading me to rolling over 6 times, into the field beside the road. I felt my body slam against the seat belt, and the shattering glass cut my face and arms.I closed my eyes as the sound of crunching metal and breaking glass fill my ears. Now I could no longer hear the sounds of the car rolling, the car stopped. I could only hear screeching of tires as the person that hit me drove away. Helpful right? I hope they're REALLY drunk and not just cold hearted, leaving me here. Not only me, but my baby. Oh god the baby! Will it be okay? Is it still alive? It can't be....I don't even want to think of that.

It's going to be okay. It's going to be okay. It HAS to be okay. I told my self before shutting my eyes and passing out.

Niall's POV

When I got to the hospital, Taylor was in an emergency c-section. I was told she was hit by a drunk driver head on, she flipped over and blacked out. The baby will hopefully be fine, but they have to do a c-section to make sure the baby is alright. I just hope my family will be okay. I sat in the waiting for what felt like hours, until I was allowed to see the baby and Taylor. I was brought back to the nursery and I discovered a small, frail and weak baby. The arms and legs were only wide enough to get two fingers around. The baby had to be about only 2 pounds, 3 pounds at most. The baby was wrapped in a bright white blanket, wearing a tiny pink woven hat sitting upon its head, inside an incubator it's a girl. MY daughter is here, even being so weak and even with the situation we're all in, I can't help the happiness that rushes over me, knowing I can call my self a father now. Now another problem at hand, Taylor. I walked away from my little bundle of joy to go see my loving and strong girlfriend. I got into the room and she laid there lifeless, so weak, but peaceful. I walked over to the side of her hospital bed and held her hand, and stroking her hair. I kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear,

"Be strong baby, for both of us. Me AND little Maci."

Wow. A lot happened in this chapter! I'm actually very pleased with this one and I'm very happy to say I have 1078 reads! I never thought this would get this big. Thank you so much fro reading!!!!!

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