Life's a fairytale

Abigail Frost moved to New York for her job and her job only after her ex boyfriend Max broke her heart. She thought she was living the life of a make believe princess, but that all slipped out of her pretty little fingers too fast. Confident in never falling in love again, Abi tries to succeed in her job without getting caught in the crush...for the second time.

What Abi doesn't know is that she IS living the life of a fairytale princess and soon enough will meet her prince charming. All when it's least expected.


5. There Is No Such Thing As Prince Charming

Ash was a gentlemen, holding the door open for me as we entered the building.

"Back so-" Xavier stopped as he looked at Ash then me, then back to Ash.

"Xavier, you should know Ash. He lives here" I said with a smile. He didn't return it though, he just eyed Ash like a hawk.

"Come on Abi" Ash said, pulling me along the lobby until we reached the elevator.

"What was that about?"

"Nothing that you should be concered about" he answered, his black hair falling into his violet eyes.


"Just shut up Abi!" he yelled at me. His words pierced me like a knife, making my eyes water. I didn't know Ash could change so quickly. One minute he was smiling his gorgeous smile, and the next he was yelling at the top of his lungs at me. And to think I was beginning to like him.

We went up the elevator in silence, awkward silence.We reached Floor 6 and instead of saying goodbye to me at the door, he just continued up the hallway without a word. I unlocked my door, ran inside and burst into tears on my couch.

I have no idea why, but my heart was telling me to give up on him. Leave him be, he didn't need me. But I couldn't, I already liked him to much.

Although, Last time I did fall for someone I got cheated on. I still remember that night when I went to surprise Max with movies and Chinese. I decided it would be romantic to sneak in, scatter rose petals everywhere and wait for him to enter the living room. It was our first year anniversary of being together so I thought it was special.

I thought wrong.

After waiting for more then an hour, I thought I should investigate. His car was outside so he WAS home. I heard noises coming from his bedroom so curiously I peeked through the crack in the door. There on the bed was Max and some blonde chick, making out on the bed.

I opended the door, screaming at them. Max was terrified and started running around the room. The blonde girl was as confused as I was and after a few mintutes got the clue and started chucking stuff around the room at Max. It was crazy and I soon left, tears streaming down my face.

Max had rung me 20 times and texted me 13 times that week, apoligising and telling me he would never hurt me like that again. And he didn't, because I left him and moved to New York. He said if I ever left he would find me so he could start over but my parents swore to never say where I was.

Max creeped me out.

Now Ash was just like him. I bet he had only looked at me differently so he could show his ex how easy it is to find replacements. I found that just extremely... Jerkish.

It made me sick thinking I might have gotten crushed again, but this time with Ash.

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