Life's a fairytale

Abigail Frost moved to New York for her job and her job only after her ex boyfriend Max broke her heart. She thought she was living the life of a make believe princess, but that all slipped out of her pretty little fingers too fast. Confident in never falling in love again, Abi tries to succeed in her job without getting caught in the crush...for the second time.

What Abi doesn't know is that she IS living the life of a fairytale princess and soon enough will meet her prince charming. All when it's least expected.


4. Meeting Up

The Cafe was busy when I finally reached Nicole and Scarlett at our usual table by the window. Smells of coffee and rich cake drifted around the shop as the sun beamed through the window, making the place warm and bright. Almost every table was filled, being one of the best Cafe's in New York City.

"Where have you been?" Nicole asked as I sat down at the circular table. It was meant for four people but we always reserved it weekday morning for just us. I sat on the right of the window, Nicole sat on the left and Scar sat facing the window. None of us liked having our backs turned to the window.

"Sorry, I was caught up with Ash's ex..." I said as Nicole's draw dropped and Scar gave me a weird look.

"Who's Ash?" I looked at Nicole, who was still a bit dumbfounded and started explaining who Ash was to Scar. The boy from the beach with the violet eyes and the jet black hair that was almost blue.

"So he has an ex?" Nicole asked, tapping her french nails on the table top. "I thought he had a girlfriend!"

"So did I until they broke up INFRONT of ym door!" I squealed. Nicole gasped and giggled continuously, bouncing up and down in her chair like a 5 year old.

"So they just broke up? How? How did you know? When? What? Who?"

"Well firstly, Ash and his girlfriend, Keira, stopped infront of my door, fighting last night at 8 something. They were talking about a girl Keira thought Ash was hitting on at the beach yesterday and guess what..." I cried. Nicole and Scar looked at me with big grins. "They were talking about me, I was the girl that broke them up!

"No way!" Nicole gasped, making a few heads turn our way. "No way, no way, no way!"

"Yes way, and so this morning, Ash and I were caught in the elevator at the same time and it was SO awkward and the worst part was Keira found me on the ground level and started telling me to back of Ash or I was 'dead'" I replied, looking out the window to see heaps of people rushing to work and other places.

"That's so immature of her" Nicole spat, twirling her blonde hair. Suddenly she screamed as loud as she could, pointing out the window.

"Shut up!" Scar snapped, as she covered her mouth with a napkin. A waitress came and put our usual coffees on the table, giving us weird looks as Nicole looked out the window.

"What?" I asked, turning my head to see the blondie and brunette from the beach. They were sitting on a bench, on their mobile phones looking like they were waiting for someone.

I sipped my coffee admiring them, they were cute but not as cute as Ash.

"I think the blonde one is called Jason..." I said as Nicole fluttered her eyelashes.

"What a cute name" she said dreamly. I quickly snapped into reality, remembering the beach 'incidient" and quickly hiding under my table where no one out of the window could see you.

"Crap, they will recognise me!"

"So? Ash probably recognised you and you didn't care" Scar said over sipping her coffee. I didn't care though, I just didn't want to be noticed.

"Just tell me when their gone like a good friend should" I growled, tucking my knees to my chest. I heard Nikkie whisper "Come in" and I panicked getting up and banging my head on the table.

"Shhiizzz" I snapped, holidng my head in pain. I heard the Cafe door open and I looked to see none other then Jason and the brunette, walking in. The smiled at us and grabbed two chairs, sitting next to Scar and Nicole. Scar shifted closer to me as the brunette plonked his chair next to her and Jason put his next to him and Nikkie.

"Hey ladies" her said with a grin. "I'm Jason and this is is Isaac"

Isaac smiled and waved to us all before getting into a convo with Scar. I felt embarrased and awkward so I quickly got up to grab something from the counter.

"Just a blueberry and white chocolate muffin, please" I said, giving the lady the money and texting Nicole.

Abi: Leaving to get something from the apartment. Hope the guys are interested, have fun x Abi

I walked out the door, making the bell ring and started nibbling my muffin as I looked for a taxi. I sat at the bench waiting, not looking back to see my friends proably staring at me. It was a warm day, warm enough to wear summer clothes but not warm enough to want ot jump in a pool.

"Hey" said a voice from above. I looked up to see Ash standing beside me, his hair shining in the sun. Yeah it shone black-blue. His violet eyes were so magical that I had to look away.

"Your the girl from the elevator right?" he asked as he sat down next to me. I nodded, smiling shyly. I was super shy around guys that it drove me insane.

"I'm Ashley but call me Ash. I live on Floor 5 in your apartment building. Keira my ex girlfriend told me you lived on Floor 6 like she does. Sorry if she annoyed you.." he said, looking directly into my eyes.

"Oh it's fine. I'm Abigail but call me Abi."

"Abi, that's a pretty name" he said and I blushed bright pink. I looked away as no taxis were in sight.

"Why you here?"

"I need a taxi, I got to go back to my apartment to get something." I said with a smile. He shoke his black hair and pointed to his car parked on the side of the road.

"My car, I'll drive you there."

I mumbled, trying to react but her just took my hand as we crossed the road. I looked back at Nicole who gave me the thumbs up. Crap, he could kill me or something.

"Ash are you sure? How do I know your not gonna, I don't know? Kill me?" I panicked, as we reached his black Mecades Benz. He laughed as unlocked his car with a 'beep' "Trust me, I won't hurt you."

That made me feel a bit better, considering his voice was so soft when he was serious. "Okay then. Atleast I'll die in a nice car."

"You bet." He opened the door and we both got in. The car smelt new with a hint of a delicious fruit refreshener. Peach or something. He turned down the radio and we crused along the road in silence. It was awkward.

"So, how did you afford such a nice car?" I asked, breaking the ice.

"Well I work for most newspapers, Magazines and TV news programs. Im a photographer and capture most of the things you see on like Channel 8 news and The Daily NYC. *Made it up guys*

"No way, I work for Channel 8 as a Journalist and a reporter" I giggled as he pulled up next to the building.

I got a text from Nicole. Nicole: "where are you? xx"

I replied. Abi: "With Ash. Talk later. :)xx"

We stayed in the car for awhile, chatting and laughing. Maybe Prince Charming was just around the corner.


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