Life's a fairytale

Abigail Frost moved to New York for her job and her job only after her ex boyfriend Max broke her heart. She thought she was living the life of a make believe princess, but that all slipped out of her pretty little fingers too fast. Confident in never falling in love again, Abi tries to succeed in her job without getting caught in the crush...for the second time.

What Abi doesn't know is that she IS living the life of a fairytale princess and soon enough will meet her prince charming. All when it's least expected.


6. Explanations

I wake to find it's afternoon... and I have made a mess of myself. I sit up and check my phone. 5 missed calls from Nicole. Of course, she is probably bursting to tell me how things went at the café today. I decide to go to her place, but I need to clean myself up. I stroll to my mirror. My hair is crazy and very out of place. It is sticking out at the back, so I flatten it down with my hand. I grab my purse and my phone and head out the door, making it to the lobby and I see Xavier. He's looks at me, giving me a look I never expected to come to his face. It is sad and he looks kinda... lonely.

'Hey Xavier. How are you?"

He looks up at me. "Where's Ash?"

"Uhm... I have no idea. He kept walking when we reached my place. He was in a VERY bad mood. I was so confused."

He walks over to me and looks me in the eye.

"You've been crying," He whispered.

I didn't answer. I didn't exactly know what to say. I felt ashamed of crying over Ash, But then I trusted Xavier enough to tell him everything.

"He's a little peeved off about something, Xavier. Would you know what it is?"

He stepped back and grabbed my arm. "I wouldn't know, Abi," He said, "but I'm sure you need to be doing something right now, so ill let you get going."

He turned around and walked towards the elevator.


By the time I reach Nicole's place its 5:00 pm. They were sitting on Nicole's bed reading a magazine as I opened the door.

"Hey! Nope! You can not come into this room until you've told us where you were this afternoon!" Scarlett shouts.

I giggle and sit down on the bed. I pat Scar's knee. "Not to worry, Scarlett. I was just sleeping."

They give me the same expression at the exact same time. Mouths open, eyes wide.

"SLEEPING???" They both scream. "WHERE WAS ASH???"

I bow my head. "I don't know! I was so annoyed at him. As soon as he saw Xavier he went a little crabby." I make little crab claws with my hands to prove my point. Scar giggled.

"So he left?" Nicole asked.

"yeah, it was so weird. He yelled at me to shut up and then walked off."

Nicole stands up, and smiles "Look Abi, he sounds a little off. Don't you reckon? Maybe he isn't what you thought he would be."

"I know," I sigh, "But I like him so much."

"Well, maybe don't go too fast with him."

"I'll keep that in mind."

Scarlett stands and exits the room to make coffees. I pick up the magazine the girls were reading and flip through the pages. it was all the same stuff. Boy gets girl, girl gets boy, fashion tips, advice. It was starting to get boring. I put it on the bedside table and grabbed out my phone. I was hoping someone like Ash would have texted me. But, now i think about it, i never gave him my number. I mentally slap myself, 'what a fool?'

Scar comes back in with coffees and a piece of paper. "Hey Abi, I wanna show you something," She says placing the coffees on the dressing table. She unfolds the paper and hands me a photo. It seemed to be some sort of school photo.

"It was my class when I was in year 10," Scar explains, coming around the other side of me to get a better look. "I am there, see?"

I look at this old photo of Scarlett and see how beautiful she is.

"Your gorgeous, Scar," I say.

She taps me on the shoulder and says, "No no no! I wanted to show you him!" Scar points to a tall kid with long black hair. He seemed to have the same warm tan skin as...

"ASH!" I yell! Pulling the photo closer to my eyes to get a proper look at him. He was the same. Gorgeous.

Nicole giggled. "You really like him, don't you?"

I nodded my head crazily. I have no idea why I like him so much. I have only known him for a few days. All I can think about right now is his eyes, mouth, nose, hair, body, teeth, and his skin.

Suddenly, I hear Nicole cough. "Uh, Abi? Look," she points.

I check out the photo again and find where Nicole is pointing. There, right next to Ash. With the biggest grin out of everyone in the photo...

Is Xavier.




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