Life's a fairytale

Abigail Frost moved to New York for her job and her job only after her ex boyfriend Max broke her heart. She thought she was living the life of a make believe princess, but that all slipped out of her pretty little fingers too fast. Confident in never falling in love again, Abi tries to succeed in her job without getting caught in the crush...for the second time.

What Abi doesn't know is that she IS living the life of a fairytale princess and soon enough will meet her prince charming. All when it's least expected.


3. Confused

When I got home after the beach incidient, I found myself at my front door, searching my beach bag for my room key. There was sand everywhere, my hair had started dripping again and I was so tired I could pass out the floor then and there. I finally found my key, at the very bottom,  and as I went to open my door a silent giggle came down the hallway.

A boy and a girl were walking down the hallway, hand in hand, giggling and talking. The boy was tall and his hair was really black. It looked wet too like he had just showered. The girl he was with was much smaller, even smaller then me, and had waist long blonde hair that was deadly straight. As they passed they both gave me a quick glance before going back to their conversation. I couldn't help but stare, they looked so happy. Like I used to be with Max.

I was just about to turn away when the boy looked back at me and his eyes shone bright. They were gorgeous eyes and looked so familer. They were magical, like violet eyes. Violet eyes. I looked away and ran inside, slamming the door behind me. No, Abi no. That isn't him, why would he live in YOUR apartment building. I chucked my keys on the bench and ran inside the bathroom, leaving a trail of sand behind me. Great, just what I needed. At least I will get those pretty beach waves in my hair.

I showered, got into a a simple black singlet top with denim 'short' shorts and was letting my hair air dry when the phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered, chucking a handfull of sand into the rubbish bin.

"Hey Ab'z, everything O.K?" Nicole said, being her usual caring self. She was home right now because I could hear movies being played and her cat Whisker's meows in the background.

"Yep, all good. I swear I saw one of the guys from the beach in my apartment building though."

I heard a shriek and a yippie over the other side and I laughed, "Oh my gosh, tell me more! What one? The blonde?" Nicole cried.

"Nope, the one with the black hair and the violet eyes. Bad thing is...he has a girlfriend. Oh my gosh, what if he recognised me from the beach? He probably thought I was a total creep. Crap." I moaned, plonking myself down on my couch.

"HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND? That's lame, babe. Can't you him over of something? I don't know, too tired to think of an evil master plan at the mo. See you tomorrow for breaky at the Cafe?"

"Yep, see ya then. Bye"

"Bye Ab'z"

We hung up and I must of dozed off because when I woke, the number's 8:25 flashed before my eyes. Luckily it said PM instead of AM cause that would have been disasterious. I got up, made myself a strawberry smoothie and started watching television when I got thinking. What if the boy with the violet eyes didn't really have a girlfriend and that was just his sister, cousin, best friend, collage buddy, mum's friend's sister's husband's half sister? I looked out the peep hole in my door but saw no sign of him or his....lady friend. Wait...hang on, this could get exicting. Out of the blue, violet eyes walks into view with the blondie and stops outside my door.

"I'm sorry okay? It's not my problem you want so much attention" he yelled, looking at her with fierce eyes. She stumbled back on her heels and crossed her arms.

"Excuse me? You were totally hitting on that chick at the beach today! Talk about YOU wanting attention" she yelled.

"How? I didn't even talk to her, I only saw her when Jason rescued her from drowning."

I gasped and looked away. Their talking about me, they have to be. I mean, who else did his 'friend' aka Jason aka blondie, rescue today?? He's not a lifeguard.

"Yeah and you were so checking her out! I bet you would've chased after her if I wasn't there" the girl complained, making a loud noise as she stomped her foot on the ground.

"Keira, please, This is stupid, let's be mature young adults and stop. Besides, you want people to hear us?" her said, putting a hand on her shoulder. She shook it off and growled angrily.

"What? It's not like their looking through their peep holes, watching us right now." I had to slam my hand on my mouth to keep my laugh in. I quickly looked away, cautious that maybe somehow they knew I was there.

"This is ridiculous, I love you and you know that Kiera."

"Lies. LIAR! I hate your guts right now Ash and I hope you find that stupid little girl so you can you can crawl back to me, begging for my love. It's over!" Kiera screamed, rushing out of sight of the peep hole. I saw 'Ash' ( what a beautiful name) smack his hand on his forehead and walk back in the other direction. I didn't know if I should be happy or sad that they broke up. It was over me in the first place but that isn't my fault. And Ash is available. Thank you God, Jesus and Mary! This is amazing!


THE NEXT DAY, I woke up on the couch to the birds squarking on my window. It was that loud that I fell off and smacked my leg on the coffee table.

"Ouch, dammit" I cried, my eyes watering in pain as I limped over to my bedroom. I got into a white dress with a black cropped jacket that finished at my chest. I added a black necklace and black heels and finally, after looking everywhere, found my workbag. I looked in the mirror and smiled awkwardly at my reflection. I was....interesting I guess? I gave my teeth a good scrub, brushed my hair (which was now beach wavy) and curled it a bit then let it loose on my shoulders as I walked out the door. Nicole, Scar and I usually met up at a cafe for breakfast before work starts at 8am. I walked out the door to the elevator when it stopped on floor 5. The doors opended and in walked no other than ....Ash.

He smiled polietly and clicked Floor 2 (I'm on Floor 6). It was awkward knowing who he was but him not recognising me.I looked at the mirror reflection on the wall and noticed him staring at me.

"Ugh hi.." I mumbled as he turned away and put his fingers through his hair. He was dressed in a basic white tee with denim jeans and those weird shoes every teenage boy was wearing lately. High tops or something??

"Hi..." I answered as the elevator doors opended on Floor 2 and he got out. Crap Abi you blew it again you dork. He was STARING at you and you blew it, sheesh.

I got off at the Ground level and watched as Ash's ex Keira stopped me at the doors.

"Going somewhere darl?" she asked, as she combed her fingers through the ends of her blonde locks. "Because I think you and I need to have a little chat."

I looked to see Xavier staring at me, raising an eyebrow. Help I mouthed.

"Just so you know" she snarled, her eyes wild. "Ash is mine and if you go ANYWHERE and I mean anywhere near him your dead, got it darl?"

"Darl? Who you calling darl you brat!" I wanted to say, but of course I'm too lame for come backs.

"S-s-sorry, I just ugh want to go n-now" I muttered, trying to get past her, but she wasn't letting me.

"Got it? Cause I don't want to cause trouble in paraside darl. I know I am his ex and all but that doesn't give you my permission to hook up with him kay?"

I nodded and stepped back a little. "Good, besides, a cute darling like you won't need Ash anyway, right darl?" she said, taking my chin and shaking it around, playfully.

"Everything okay?" Xavier asked, as he FINALLY approached us.

"Oh everything's perfect" Keira said, before walking past me and towards the elevator.

"You okay?" he asked me as I looked at her disappear upstairs. "Yeah, I'm just confused."

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