Life's a fairytale

Abigail Frost moved to New York for her job and her job only after her ex boyfriend Max broke her heart. She thought she was living the life of a make believe princess, but that all slipped out of her pretty little fingers too fast. Confident in never falling in love again, Abi tries to succeed in her job without getting caught in the crush...for the second time.

What Abi doesn't know is that she IS living the life of a fairytale princess and soon enough will meet her prince charming. All when it's least expected.


2. A Sandy Mistake

"Finally your here!" Nicole beamed as I layed my towel next to hers. A large umbrella shaded their faces as I turned to watch the waves reach the shore.

"Yeah, sorry about that. Anyway, where's the hot guys you were talking about?" I asked, scanning the water for any surfers.

Nicole sat up on her right arm and lowered her white sunglasses with her left. "You missed them, they just got out of the water and hit the shower taps over there, look."

We both raised our heads over the umbrella to spy on the three hunks that were washing sand out of their hair close by. I sighed dreamily at them all, their wet suits covering only half of their body.

"Scar and I already dibs'd the brunette and the blonde so the one with jet black hair is all yours" Nicole giggled. I didn't care though, he was gorgeous. His skin a warm tan colour, his hair wavy and nearly blue it was that black. His eyes even shone purple in the sunlight. Suddenly, Scar popped her head up from above the umbrella to join us. "What's going on?" she asked, quite loud. We all ducked under the umbrella and gave her a angry look.

"What?" she asked, innocently.

"The guys are right there! They could've seen us and they can't get the wrong idea! We don't want to be the freaky stalker girls that spied on them at the beach."

"I thought they cheaked you out?" I asked confused. Nicole rolled her eyes and went up to have a quick look. "Crap their leaving!"

I shot my head up to see them all turning away to leave the beach. "Dammit, that's the last time were ever gonna see them....unless..."

Nicole looked at me with a smile as she knew what she had to do. She got up, her feet squeaking on the sand as she bolted towards the blondie. 'Wait!" she cried out, her arms waving. Scar and I burst out laughing as we watched her get in the way of the three boys.

"My friends drowning! Can you help me, please?" she yelled, looking at me to run. I panicked, running towards the water as I heard Scar behind me.

"Get in, hurry!" she laughed, as we went deeper into the waves. I pretended that I was drowning and Scar tried to act as if she was trying to help me but we both failed, laughing and spashing water everywhere.

I heard a big splash as someone grabbed me but instead of helping me, they pushed me down. I closed my eyes as the water stung like crazy. I blew bubbles out of my nose, my arms smacking down on the mans back. I then got above water, my legs kicking into his chest.

"Let me go you idiot!" I cried, trying to get out of his tight grip. He placed onto my towel and I finally got up and ran for my life towards the shower taps. I wrapped my towel around my shoulders and ran down the path towards another ramp that led to another part of the beach. I could've died, my friends didn't help and I had no clue who he was. What was he gonna do after he put me down? Choke me? Why didn't he drown me if...oh crap. He was proably one of the three guys!

I turned around but they were all just little figures. Great, Abi you just stuffed up a chance at getting another boyfriend. Good on you!

I ran my fingers through my damp hair as I placed my towel on the sand and sat on it. Why did I think he was gonna kill me? I have always looked to the negitive side of things after Max, my ex boyfriend. I grabbed a handfull of sand and chucked it into the water. Maybe God wasn't intending me to get a boyfriend today, or tomorrow or even in 2 months. I was turning 19 in 3 months and on my 18th birthday, I promised myself that I would get a new and better boyfriend. That was what I said on the plane to NYC.

I jumped as hands touched my shoulders. Blonde hair fell onto my arms and I sighed in relief as it was only Nicole. She sat down next to me and handed me my beach bag and flip flops.

"What happened back there?" she asked, putting dark wet hair behind my ear. I sighed and looked out at sea. "I don't know, first it was all fun and then I felt like I was dying. Then I had this crazy idea that I was gonna die so I ran for it."

I looked into her big brown eyes and smiled, "I always blow everything. No matter what I do, every since Max it's just been so hard. I think no guy is ever gonna like me again." Tears were streaming down my cheeks now. Max broke my heart like it was made of paper. I hated thinking about what he did to me, so I just shut my eyes and let the tears fall.

"No honey, it's okay. What Max did to you was horrible and Scar and I know that but you need to sop blaming yourself for these things" Nicole replied, wiping my tears with the backs of her fingers. I felt Scar wrap her arms around me and we all sat there looking at the ocean. If only my life was more like a beautiful fantasy.

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