the long-lost necklace

a trip around the world chasing your evil long lost brother
typical day


9. Chapter 8 Max?!

       I had just dove under a wave and caught Max when all of a sudden, something slimy shot from under me. It could only mean one thing. Max wasn't caught she had been bitten by a shark. I was ready to bawl my eyes out. This is how my parents had died. I snapped my fingers and a surfboard appeared. I lay Max down on it and pulled her to shore. As soon as I reached shore, Billy was there next to me dragging Max to the beach towels. I called 911 and an ambulence came. Billy and I, followed.

    "Max got bitten by a shark," I announced.

     "What?!" Billy screamed.

       "Max got bitten by a shark," I repeated.

      "How can you tell?" He asked.

      "I was towing her and one went shooting out from under me," I shrugged.

    "Oh no! These waters are famous for---," He trailed off.

     "Great whites, I know that was the accident," I finished for him. We waited for about an hour then a doctor told us Max had been bitten and, that she needed a blood donor. I remembered an oath we made, when we found out we were the same blood type. I would donate a pint of blood. I volunteered, the doctor thought Iwas too young. Ishowed him my international drivers lisence. Then donated.

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