the long-lost necklace

a trip around the world chasing your evil long lost brother
typical day


8. Chapter 7 Billy

   Max and I skated to a hut by the beach. I knocked on the door. A guy our age opened the door. He looked surprised to see me, standing there looking happy, well, as you can when everything around you reminds you of your dead parents.

      "I didn't expect to see you back here looking happy after the accident," Billy said.

         "I got over it although, this place is really messing with my happiness everything is a reminder," I replied sadly.

          "RIP Mr. and MRS. Adams. Any way who is this?" He asked pionting to a hiding Max.

                 "Hi Billy," Max Mumbled without much feeling.

               "Oh, Hey Max I didn't recognize you," Billy replied, then turned to me "we were best friends untill she moved."

       "Ah, that makes sense. Now I need help with necklace buisness," I said.

         "Let's all go to the beach and catch up," came Billy's cheerful reply. We all skated to the beach and, then saw Joe my friend, who Billy introduced to Max. It was a warm day and all of us were wearing shorts. So, we ran to the water like the psyco teenagers we were. I was explaining what Stephano had been up to and, I heard a blood curling scream coming, from Max's direction. I looked over at the same time as Billy, just in time to see max caught in a rip tide. I turned into a spy on a mission. That mission was Max.

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