the long-lost necklace

a trip around the world chasing your evil long lost brother
typical day


6. Chapter 5 junkanoo

I was looking over the balcony at a parade in the street. Thinking of my parents, of course it felt like a normal morning. Because, I did this every morning, except this time I had a Dr.Perpper. Max had just woken up.

    "Morning Max," I said, when she walked in.

     "Good morning," She replied.

    "What's going on down there?" I asked, pointing down the balcony, to the parade.

     "Junkanoo," Max shrugged.

    "Junka-what?!" I asked, very confusicated.

     "Junkanoo, the celebration for holidays or in this case new years," She explained

  "How do you know so much about The Bahamas?" I asked.

   "I used... to live here," She confessed. 

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