the long-lost necklace

a trip around the world chasing your evil long lost brother
typical day


5. Chapter 4 Aunt? Inge

       There it stood. It look as good as it had seven years ago, maybe even better. The shiny red sign said in big letters, INGE'S HOTEL, ALL ARE WELCOME. I was about to lose it. The sight of the hotel reminded me of my parents, the semi-annual trip here to visit, the running around the island, swimming at the beach in the middle of winter, and most definatly room 591. I walked in like I owned the place. I practically did, I worked here on occasion, it was willed to me, I had grown up after my parents death with Inge at this hotel, and everyone knew me. I was hugging everyone as I made my my way to the front desk, no one but Inge ever worked the desk or else... So, as I was walking up Max joined me.  

     "Nice hotel," She said, making small talk," I think I've been here before."

     "Ah, Which room?" I asked, intrested.

      "592? I think," She replied. That was creepy. She had been my neighbor at one point. So, she must know Inge.

      "Lizzie! How Are you? What's up?" Inge was practically screaming.

        "I'm fine thank you," I replied, "Do you know Max?"

          "Oh, hello Max darling, Didn't see you," Inge said sheepishly.

           "Hello, Aunt Inge, " Max said.

          "Is room 591 available?" I asked

           "Of course," Inge said handing me the key card. For the seconed time in less than an hour I was about to break down. I turned the card in my hand, feeling every corner, thinking about my room, and almost crying because it reminded me of my parents. 

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