the long-lost necklace

a trip around the world chasing your evil long lost brother
typical day


11. Chapter 10 It ends here... (Or not)

    We departed the plane and, surprise surprise they lost our luggage. I was talking to an officer in german. I asked him for directions to the Bavarian cafe. He stopped talking to me then. I called my uncle Heinz. He picked us up and, took us to the museum. We had a delightful meal there then went to the stone exhibit. I saw it. Max called saying her recovery was quick and had landed with the helicopter. Heinz excused himself to pick her up. In about half an hour we met by the necklace. I turned the guards aroung until I was finished. Then, I opened the glass and felt the necklace. I handed it to Max. Nothing happened. I felt it again, this was a replica. I saw Stephano heade towards me. I put the necklace in the case.

     "It's all yours," I said, evilly. He was confused. He reach his greedy hands toward it. I closed the glass around his hands. Then our group of four left. 

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