the long-lost necklace

a trip around the world chasing your evil long lost brother
typical day


2. chapter 1 Max kmows

       Backing up. You are probably wondering a lot of things right now. I can answer a few right now others you'll just have to wait and see. First who I am. I am  Lizzie, a southern farm girl with a secret life and naturally purple hair, what that life is you'll have to wait and see. Next answer, who Max is. Max is my bestest friend in the whole wide world.

    "Follow me, and stay hidden," I ordered.

    She asked, "what's going on?"

    I replied,  "you'll find out."


  Once we were in the prep room, instructed Max to disguise herself. I walked half way across the room and decided what the heck. I used the powers I had been given because I was born on the first day of cancer. My symbol, is a crab. My sign says lots of things about me. For example I like hobbies, such as hiking, boating ,and surfing. I am totally outdoorsy and love water. After all the element for cancer, is water. I have a dark side as well, that you see when you wake me before noon. My darkside includes being moody and changable. Anyway Max had finished transforming and, she was watching me use the force on the swords and such. Max was instantaniously dumbstruck.

      "how on earth did that happen?" asked a wowed Max.

      I shrugged, "it came with my purple hair." Then I led her to the helicopter, to track Stephano.


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