unexpected love

when Victoria has an unexpected run in with famous boyband member will everything fall into place or will an unseen event happen? read on to find out!
this is my first movella so please give me feedback!(: xx


1. introduction

i sat alone by the fire place of my school drawing. I know what your thinking why do you have a fire place at your school? well you see when i was 12 my parents sent me to england to a private school and i have lived there sense and im about to turn 17 in a couple weeks.well anyway i only had a couple friends at my school well infact  i only have two Maddy and Elizabeth both of them had stsrted their first years at the same time as me and we all clicked instantly and shared a dorm together. our favourite place to be was in our living room. you see this school was huge each room had  3 to 4 beds and a small kitchen and a living space with a fireplace which was my favorite place. i always sat by the fire and drew new clothing designs i came up with. oh did i mention i have a passion for fashion.any way that enough about me and heres my story of how i fell in love.

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