unexpected love

when Victoria has an unexpected run in with famous boyband member will everything fall into place or will an unseen event happen? read on to find out!
this is my first movella so please give me feedback!(: xx


2. end of term

i was sitting in my living room drawing as usual and not studying for the rest of my midterm exams that i had that week. i was excited about being able to have no plans for a whole month and the best part my birthday was in a couple days which meant i would get a couple letters from family members and some extra cash for the holidays. i snaped out of my thoughts when i heard someone walk into the dorm

"Victoria!" Maddy called

i always kneew it was her when she got home she always made a lot of noise and always had more gossip to tell me

"yes im in the living room. and yuo should just start walking in here first instead of calling me because im always going to be right in this spot" i said motioning to my chair by the fire.

"yeah i know but i thought that by some miracle i could come home and find you doing something other than drawing clothes or fanasising about one direction but i guess i was wrong" she replied

i laughed and agreed she went and sat in her chair

"so today i saw stacey wearing this really tight and short skirt outside on the grounds and flirting with every guy that walked past" she stated angrily

i could tell she was pissed that she did that Maddy never really liked Stacey. she had a no sluts around rule.thats why me Elizabeth and her were best friends. i had only had one serious boyfriend but he moved away and i didnt trust him before he left so i broke up with him. then maddy had a couple of boyfriends but she was really modest and Elizabeth had a current boyfriend of 3 years and they were perfect for each other. we all got along really well. we were bestfriends and always would be.

maddy made an aggitated sound and brought me back into reality.

"huh what?" i questioned her

"what do you think about what i said about Stacey?"

"oh. well i think that she shouldnt be doing that but you really need to stop with all this gossip its getting out of hand every day you have a new story"

"i know i guess youre right its just i can-" i cut her off

"im limiting yu do 5 minutes a day to talk about others and each month we will shave off a minute until you dont do it anymore" i told her.

she was about to agree when i heard the door slam shut and a somewhat excited and angered Elizabeth walked in

"whats wrong?" Maddy and I said in unison

"oh nothing aside from the fact that i got trampled by some rude fangirls!" she angrily stated

"what how" Maddy asked

"well you see im walking down the street on my way home right. and then i hear all this high pitched screaming and then i see it a big group of girls screaming at the hotel around the corner. you know the one im talking about?"

we nodded our heads and signaled for her to keep talking

"okay and then i squeeze into the crowd to see who they are yelling at and its the wourl famous boy band that yourobsessed with"she yelled poining at me

"im not obsessed and thats harsh someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?" i countered

"no just wait im getting there. so im in the group of screaming girls and i just saw that one direction was there and im not a hater or anything so i wasnt mad that is until i said oh its one direction ounder my mouth. then this bitch beside me scoffs and goes no duh its them are you stupid?"

"wow" Maddy said appaled that someone would be that rude to a stranger.

"it gets worse" elizabeth said

she continued her story and apperently the girl that said it was one direction went on to call her things and yell at her then her friends joined in and when Elizabeth tried to leave they attacked her. luckily the boys saw her and once the crowed thinned out they went over andhelped her up and asked to hang out later. she said yes of course and asked if we could go aswell. they said yes

so now to get ready!!

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