The Darkness Inside Of Him

The Darkness Inside Of Him

He was a freak.

Everyone insisted.

A crazy syco just waiting to happen.

They told her.

Just stay far away from that man.

They warned the girl.

Harry styles was a quiet, mysterious, person with a dark past, no one, understood him, but he didn't expect them to, he was different, and it was easy to see, he didn't talk, not to mention he was the son of the most dangerous man out there.

On the inside he vowed never to be like him, but he also knew whether he liked it or not he had a dark side to him too, something he fought with everyday, and tried so desprately to keep bottled up, but can he?



4. The Past Is Better Left Behind

# Chapter 4

  "Did I ruin your appetite" Andrea asked nervously, biting her lip, as shw refereed to the blood and her finger. "No, actually im quite hungry" he grinned. "Well thats good".  


"Thank you for the lovely meal" Andrea nodded and grinned, as she walked him to the door, despite getting cut Andrea thought it went better than expected. "Thank you for taking care of my cut" they both chuckled, he leaned in kissing her cheek. His hand on her cheek, and he slightly pulled away the front door open already, so he could leave, but he pulled away just so their faces were inches away, his cinnamon breath and her minty one colliding. The suspense was killing her, she pushed herself up on her tippy toes, and pressed her lips to his, he kissed back almost immediately, savoring her taste, he cupped her face kissing her even deeper, she lightly rested her hands on his shoulders, they pulled away,    "Goodnight".  




"Whats that?" Samantha asked grinning, "Whats what?" Andrea smiled widely, "that! That little mischievous smirk, what happened?" Samantha questioned, "Well, I mean I had dinner with Harry - What?!" She cut me off, "And he kissed me" Lily and Samanthas jaws dropped, "WHAT?!" they exclaimed, "but he's very sweet, there's really a lot more to him" Andrea assured them, they frowned at her, "He is the son of a killer, one of the worst, he probably wants to rape, or god knows what" Andrea rolled her eyes, sighing in frustration and anger, "Stop. Stop acting like you know him, you don't, and I don't think you should be judging him at all!" Andrea stated firmly. "Does your mom know?".   "Yes! She does know, God im getting so sick of this" Andrea spat.  




"They're so stupid" Andrea mumbled as she stomped down the sidewalk, her friends weren't even acting like friends, she hated it. "Hey, Annie whats up?" She stopped in her tracks, "Jake, hi" she wasn't expecting him and she most definitely was not in the mood. "You alright?" He was now next to her, she continued to walk, "Im fine" she answered bluntly.   


"Come on, is this about last time" she let out a scoff, "No, absolutely not" her eyes rolled, "I said I was sorry, come on now, let's leave that behind us" his arm wrapped around her wake, "God, stop it Jake" she pulled away, but he just pulled her closer, and tightened his grip. "I don't like you. Let go, this is ridiculous and im not in the mood" she spat, he smirked at her, at her attitude, and her attempt to get out of his grip. "Listen Jake, im not up for this" the anger inside of her was growing, her teeth were gritting togther.   


"I wouldn't bother you, if you just gave me what I wanted, you could come to enjoy it" his hand slid down her back, and she jerked away, "don't touch me" he let out a sinister laugh, "Come on Annie, you didn't like our past sessions" tears stinged her eyes at the vivid memories, "Stop, leave me alone" her voice broke, "I don't know, your very tempting" he licked his lips. "But for today, I think I will".  




  "I hate him" Andrea dropped down onto her knees in front of her fathers grave, "If you were here, you could keep him away" she sobbed, the tears streaming down her face dropped to the grass, in little splashes.    "Andrea?"    The familiar low voice, made her snap her head around. "Hey, whats wrong?" Harry crouched down next to her, his thump wiping her tears away. "Im scared" she wrapped her arms around Harrys neck, burying her face into the crook of his neck, "Why?" He wrapped one arm around her waist, and the other stroked her hair, tenderly, softly.    "Im sorry" she ignored his questioned, and pulled away slightly, not wanting to but knowing she had to. "Why?" His eyes stared into hers. "Because, I just randomly hugged you and, I bet you think it's weird that im crying and talking to myself" he shook his head, "Course not, it's ok" he grinned a small little comforting grin. "Are you sure?" She sniffled, blinking rapidly so her tears would dry.    "Im positive" his thumb stroked her cheek, "Can you tell me what's wrong?" He added in a soft tone, making her feel safe. "I can't" her voice broke. "Did someone hurt you?" He whispered determine to get an answer. "No" she lied.    "Are you sure?" He wasn't buying what she told him, all she did was nod.    "You don't have to tell me now" she swallowed harshly. "But you think maybe you can tell me later on?" He asked hopefully, she thought maybe at some point she could.    "I think so".   "Good".




*Authors Note * I'm really sorry, I feel so terrible for not updating in sooo long. Thank you if you comment, and like ect. I promise, ill update sooner next time.Xx - Andrea

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