The Darkness Inside Of Him

The Darkness Inside Of Him

He was a freak.

Everyone insisted.

A crazy syco just waiting to happen.

They told her.

Just stay far away from that man.

They warned the girl.

Harry styles was a quiet, mysterious, person with a dark past, no one, understood him, but he didn't expect them to, he was different, and it was easy to see, he didn't talk, not to mention he was the son of the most dangerous man out there.

On the inside he vowed never to be like him, but he also knew whether he liked it or not he had a dark side to him too, something he fought with everyday, and tried so desprately to keep bottled up, but can he?



3. I Don't Want To Hurt Them

# Chapter 3

*'Why did I agree to going out to dinner with her?!'* Harry scolded himself angerly, he never quite had dinner with anyone, especially not the mother's of the women who he fancied, and in this case
She was just a girl. *'Don't go'* He shook away the voice and ignored the haunting evil reminders, *'You'll just hurt them both, remember your killer'* He slammed the knife down on the wooden counter, in frustration. The sharp point digging into the wood, and opening part of it.

"I don't want to hurt them" He whispered quietly to himself, "and I wont".


Andrea walked out in her tight little pink skirt, and checked the mail, taking out all letters, or mail that they had received.

"Not mine, not mine.." she trailed off as she looked through everything she got, "Hello" she slightly jumped as she looked up to see Harry, * 'Shit! I forgot!' * she scolded herself, "Hi" she grinned, closing her mailbox. Harry was trying hard not to look at Andreas exposed legs, but they were right there just, a temptation to him. "Im so sorry, I didn't have time to get ready - did I come at the wrong time?" He questioned, "No! No, no of course not, perfect timing" she smiled.

"I have to apologize for the absence of my mother, she wasn't able to be here" Andrea informed Harry as they walked into her house, this felt like just another obstacle for Harry. "Oh, it's just us?" The way he said it sent shivers down Andreas spine, but she nodded with a smile.

"God, im so sorry I haven't even started dinner" She bit her lip. "Its fine" he smiled.

Harry sat at the kitchen counter, watching Andrea, as she took out ingredients and went back and forth, he thought she knew what she was doing, it did seem like.
"Im really sorry for making you wait" she leaned on the counter, on the side across from him. "Its ok" he brought his lower lip in between his teeth, trying to make himself look at her face, and not let his eyes wonder anywhere else.

"What do you work as Harry?" She asked him, "Well, I had to leave my last job to move here, but I applied to work at a gym" he replied, * 'Him working at a gym?' * the thought sent Andreas mind into a frenzy. "My summer job is just working at a yogurt stand" she chuckled, he smiled widely. She turned once more, to continue her task at making their dinner.

"Shit" Andrea whispered, blood dripped down onto the sink, her flesh was slit open, and blood gushed out of her finger. "Are you ok?" Harry shot up, he didn't hear her, and he didn't see what had happened, but he knew, he knew she had gotten cut, he could sense the blood running down the sink. "Umm yeah, yeah im fine" She lied wincing in pain. "No your not" he was behind her in a matter of seconds.

"Look at you, your bleeding" he turned the sink on, the water sprung out, cold. His chest was dangerously close to making contact with her back, as he reached in front of her and grabbed her hand, paying special attention to her wounded finger. "It hurts" she whispered, "Its ok, you just gotta, put some pressure on it" he whispered back quietly, pressing his index and thumb around her injured finger, and holding tightly under the water. She turned slightly to face him, her back pushing against his chest.

"Thank you" her voice was barely audible, his lips slightly brushed hers, and her breatj hitched in her throat, "No problem" he whispered.

He leaned in a bit closer, still pulling her finger under the water, and their lips connected in a soft, sweet kiss. Andrea leaned further back into his embrace and kissed him deeply, and he kissed back just as hard, but still softly. Andrea forgot the pain, lost in the feeling of his soft lips on hers, they pulled away after a while.

"Im sorry" he spoke instantly, "No don't be, I, liked it" he chuckled slightly, she hung her head, a blush creeping on her cheeks as she bit her lip. He turned the faucet handles stopping the water from running, and grabbed some paper towels wrapping it around her finger delicatly. "Well, um I think you need a bandage" he grinned. "Yes, um I think so" .


Authors Note* Im extremely sorry about not updating, but I will do it more often..xx
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