The Darkness Inside Of Him

The Darkness Inside Of Him

He was a freak.

Everyone insisted.

A crazy syco just waiting to happen.

They told her.

Just stay far away from that man.

They warned the girl.

Harry styles was a quiet, mysterious, person with a dark past, no one, understood him, but he didn't expect them to, he was different, and it was easy to see, he didn't talk, not to mention he was the son of the most dangerous man out there.

On the inside he vowed never to be like him, but he also knew whether he liked it or not he had a dark side to him too, something he fought with everyday, and tried so desprately to keep bottled up, but can he?



1. He's A Killer

# Chapter 1

*Woodlen Oaks*

Harry read in his head, he dreaded moving to **Woodlen Oaks**, his past still haunted him, it's something he refused to remember but somehow always did. I shiver ran down his spine at, *the memories*. His hands gripped the steering wheel, firmly, his knuckles turning white, he swallowed hard, trying to rid himself of the huge lump that had grown in his throat.

Biting his lower lip, he narrowed his eyes on the nice house he had searched for, in the nearly empty neighborhood. The old wooden house that seemed in pretty good shape despite it's age, gave Harry the creeps, he hated it with such a strong emotion, but had made a decision to stay there, and was determine to stick to that decision.

He turned his Range Rover off, slipping out the key, and stepping out of the car.

"This is it" he mumbled under his breath, he made his way to the front door, and dug around in his pocket, trying to make his fingers make contact with the house key, when he finally did, he took out the small little silver key, and opened the door, the door that led him to all those horrible memories he tried so very much to forget, and all the reminders of everything he lost.

His head shook, his curls moving with him, as he shook away the thoughts.

Box after box, Harry carried them all into the house, all of them labled by him, something like *Clothe's*, or *Kitchen*, some say *memories*, those he was certain would go in the attic.

*'Now gas'* he thought, as he jogged out shutting and locking the front door behind him, as he entered his car once more.


"Lily honestly, your being stupid" Samantha laughed flipping her red hair over her shoulder, as she leaned over the car.

"Me?! Oh shut up Sam, it's not like you haven't done that" Lily shot back, "Guys seriously, we're at a gas station" Graycen reminded them.

"Very nice point, come on Annie, make yourself useful, go pay for the gas" Lily gave her the money, "Annoying!" Andrea rolled her eyes, as she grabbed the money, and stepped out of the car.

*'I swear they take advantage of my sweetness* Andrea thought to herself.

The little bell rung, as Andrea walked in, as Harry handed the money to the cashier, he snapped his head to look at her, *'wow' * his spoke in his mind.

Andrea let the door ding closed, and caught Harry staring, she smiled his way, and thats when he realized he was staring at what he thought was the mostly beautiful girl, he'd ever seen, but despite thinking that, he grabbed his recipe and looked away.

"Sorry" Andrea spoke up as Harrys shoulder brushed hers, he thought for a moment, "No, my fault" she nodded her head and grinned, "Still I apologize" her hand gripped the money, some of it digging into her flesh.

"It's fine" his voice had no emotion, like always, the difference was he felt an emotion. And just like that he was out of the gas station, exiting the door with a small little ding. * 'What was that?' * Andrea shrugged it off, and proceeded to paying.


Andrea's bright smile, long wavy hair, and greenish hazel eyes, relplayed in Harry's head, her voice sweet voice was all he could hear, Andrea filled his thoughts completely.

* 'Sorry' * he grinned ever so lightly at the memory. * 'Still I apologize' * his grin grew, and then she smiled, and so did he. *'Whats wrong she's just some little girl' * anger boiled inside of him, "No she's not" he whispered, *'Yeah thats it, just some girl' *, "Stop! Stop it! Get the fuck out! Leave!" He raised his voice.

Andrea smiled at the memory of Harry, * 'No, my fault'* his curls, to that very moment that was her favorite thing about him. "Its fine", she sighed at the small little memory. "Maybe, someday, I'll see him again".

"Who?" Her mother walkes into her room, where Andrea was sitting on her bed, thinking. Simple.

"Umm, no one" Andrea couldn't keep the small grin off her face, "Someone, special" She sat next to her, "That's how I looked when I met your father-" Andrea flinched at her words, she never spoke of him it hurt too much, tears filled her mothers eyes, "Mom" Andrea took a hold of her hands, "I'm 17 now, who was he?" Her mother quickly cleared her throat and straightened up. "Sweetheart, I can't tell you that" always. Andrea always got the same response. "Mother please" she pleaded, but all she did was shake her head, "Sorry honey, not now" she placed a kiss to her temple, before walking out.

"Guys, I, well, do you know anything about, that guy at the gas station today" Andrea blurted out, Lily and Samantha turned to look at her, "What?" Samantha smiled, adding a wink, "No guys not like that I mean, you know" Andrea stumbled all over her words, "Which guy Annie" they smiled.

"I don't know his name, he had curls and - got into a Range Rover" they finished for her, "Yes!" The smile fell off their faces, "He's Harry Styles" Samantha started, chewing the inside of her cheeks, "He moved back to this neighborhood, after 10 years, he's 20, and he's the son, of a murder, the most dangerous" She explained, Andrea was taken back by what she said, she wasn't expecting that.


"And?! And thats all you need to know! He's a freak Annie! A syco just waiting to happen!" Samantha exclaimed, matter-of-fact. "Don't be stupid, just stay away from that man" Lily added, Andrea pursed her lips together, unsatisfied with what she had heard, 'That cant be it, theres more to him' she thought, and she was right.
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