The Darkness Inside Of Him

The Darkness Inside Of Him

He was a freak.

Everyone insisted.

A crazy syco just waiting to happen.

They told her.

Just stay far away from that man.

They warned the girl.

Harry styles was a quiet, mysterious, person with a dark past, no one, understood him, but he didn't expect them to, he was different, and it was easy to see, he didn't talk, not to mention he was the son of the most dangerous man out there.

On the inside he vowed never to be like him, but he also knew whether he liked it or not he had a dark side to him too, something he fought with everyday, and tried so desprately to keep bottled up, but can he?



2. Alone With Him

# Chapter 2
"Umm excuse me", It was that same sweet voice Harry had stuck in his head, but it sounded so real to him, "Hello?" He spun around to face Andrea, *' It is real' * he thought to himself, he was just about ready to go search for a job, but she stopped him from getting into the car.

"Hi" he breathed out, mesmerized by her beauty, just like the first time, "Im Andrea" she smiled, confusion suddenly struck him, * 'why is she talking to me?' *, no one ever even looked at him, other than woman at bars or clubs, and he was sure Andrea wasn't like them. "Im, Harry" he finally decided to say. "I know, um everyone here knows you, well we all know each other its a small place" she chuckled, fiddling with her finger tips, "Anyways, Um it's nice to meet you" he wouldn't, couldn't move, like the first time he just, stared in awe.

But quickly he caught himself again and cleared his throat, "Nice to meet you too" his low voice spoke up.

"Really nice seeing you again, bye" he gave her a small nod and a grin, before she turned around and walked away.

His eyes caught a small glimpse of something falling out of her pocket, but she was too far away for him to tell her. Walking over he picked up her, what was to him, a small phone. "Great" he mumbled, knowing he had to, and wanted to give it back to her, he put the phone in his pocket and left.


"Andrea, I think someone's here to see you" Andreas mother, walked into her room, "What are you talking about, Mom?" Andrea swung her legs over her bed, hopping up. "A handsome young man, is here to see you" this took Andrea by surprise, as she got up and looked out her window, * 'Its Harry' * her thoughts said. Without another word Andrea rushed down the stairs of her big, mansion, her heels clicked on the floor, as she got to the end, and swung the front door open.

"Harry" it was partly a question, and partly a statement. "Umm, yeah, im sorry, you-well your phone, you dropped it" she stared down at his hands, which held her white phone. "Oh, well thank you" as he handed her the phone, their fingers brushed, and without knowing they both grinned slightly, "again thank you" she took the phone.

"That, thats no problem" he grinned, now fully knowing he was doing it.

"Hello" Her mother had out of nowhere appeared. "Im Andreas mother" she added with a warm smile, "Hello Miss, it's very nice to meet you, your daughter, she dropped her phone, I just came to return it" Harry politely stated with a smile. "Well thank you, your Harry right?" She said as she had over heard Andrea call him that, "Yes" Harry just wanted to leave, it was obvious to him that neither of them knew who he was, or who his father was, or his passed, especially not who he could become.

"Well, we would love for you to come over for dinner" Andreas eyes widened. Everything inside of Harry, yelled no! Leave! But he went ahead and agreed.

"Great, we'll see you tonight then".


"I can't believe your mom invited some crazy killer!" Samantha exclaimed.

"Shut up Samantha! He is not." Andrea spoke sternly, and clearly angred at her.
"Your gonna get hurt he knows where you live - enough Samantha! Stop it! He's fine" Andrea snapped, "don't say I didn't warn you".


Andrea was walking home from school like always, alone this time, she was angry at her friends for all those rumors and horrible things they said of Harry.

As she walked home, she noticed Harry was still in the process of moving into his old little wooden house, a part of her wondered what has happened in that house, the memories, the things it holds.

But she shrugged the curiosity off and walked over, "Hello" Harry nearly dropped the box, as he turned to face Andrea, "Hello" he answered in his low tone of voice. "Can I help? With the boxes" she added in that sweet, shy, voice that Harry loved. "It's fine, you really shouldn't - but I want to" She assured him, "Well, sure, sure, if you want to" .

"You don't talk very much" Andrea chuckled, "I don't have much to say" Harry replied, not being able to take his grin of his face, "Im sorry about my mother, she's insists on meeting everyone who comes to live here" Andrea changed the subject not sure of what to say. "It's fine, but are you sure you should be here? With me? Alone." Andrea had never thought of it, the way he had put it, "Well, it's fine I suppose, do you mind?" She questioned, afraid of the answer. "No, but maybe your mom would" he explained, she pursed her lips together, "But I can make my own decisions, im not a little girl" she pointed out, he chuckled slightly, "I think your right, but, listen your a very nice girl, and im really thankful for your company but I just don't think you understand who your with, your gonna get hurt, you should go" he frowned, not wanting her to think he would hurt her, "I mean, I wouldn't hurt you but - No, I get it, um I'll see you tonight" her voice slightly broke, but she forced a weak smile on her face before leaving.

"Oh honey, something came up at work, I can't have dinner with you and Harry" Andreas mother was pacing back and forth looking for ger purse. "Thats fine I'll cancel" Andrea assured her.

"Cancel? Oh no, you'll have to have dinner with him alone, is that ok?" She bit her lip unsure, she wondered what would happen, if it would be quiet, if they would talk at all, "alright mother, I'll do it, its fine".
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