Still the one.(:

Skyler and Harry have been friends since they were little. She has to make a choice if she wants to tell him how she feels or just hide her feelings. Keep your eyes open to see what she decides......


2. Day 2: Catching Up!

Harry and you spent some time walking around the museum for a bit and talking about old times you used to have together. "Hey sky?" Harry said with a confused look. "yea haz?" you said looking back at him with a funny face. "What is this?" he said pointing to a piece of the Titanic"Really haz really?" you said giggling. "its a piece of the titanic boat from when it sank" he looked at you because you were so focused on the art. he smiled. "Ahh i see and you like all this stuff? you never told me" he said with a little giggle. "well you know i havent seen you in a year what do you expect from me?" you said giggling and after you were done at the museum you and hazza went to starbucks.

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