Still the one.(:

Skyler and Harry have been friends since they were little. She has to make a choice if she wants to tell him how she feels or just hide her feelings. Keep your eyes open to see what she decides......



Harry was still on tour so you had nothing to do so you went to the museum and went look at some old titanic pieces they have put up for display. You looked out the window and you thought you saw some fimilar sexy curls! You wiped your eyes and realized it was harry!!! You ran outside and jumped on his back and you but your hands over his eyes. He looked panicked you said "Hey Haz" After you said that he instanly took you off his back and said "SKY" with a huge smile! he giggled for a while and smiled goofy. "I thought you were on tour!" you said looking confused. "We had to come back because paul had to be with his wife since shes pregnat." he said with a smile. "I missed you so much haz" he smiled and gave you a hug and sighed "I missed you to sky".

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