Just another Boy? (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Hi, I'm Melissa. I'm 17 and live in the US. You could say I have the perfect life; Nice house, amazing clothes and a healthy family. But there's one thing my boyfriend is abusive and I think he's planning on killing me soon.


6. Your under arrest

Melissa's POV

There was a pounding at the door and I heard Matt's voice. "Melissa, I know your in there. Let me in!" 

I didn't know I was shaking until Niall put his arm around me. I was so scared. What was Matt going to do? Would he hurt the boys? I didn't want that to happen. It couldn't happen. I was looking for Harry but I couldn't find him. I knew he was safe though.

We heard a loud crash and laughter. Matt had broken the door down. "Come out come out where ever you are.." He said. He walked into the living room and pulled a bat from behind his back. Oh Please, don't hurt these boys. I thought. 

He walked closer to me. Niall tightened his grip on me. 

"Ay, blondie. Move outta the way." Matt slurred his words together. "Not gonna happen" Niall said. The boys made a protective shield around me. Even Harry. Wait, when did he get back? 

"Awhh cute. You think these boys are gonna protect you? Think again." Matt said. Just then he punched Zayn and Zayn fell to the floor. He grabbed my arm and twisted it so I fell to the floor in pain. He picked up the bat and was about to swing until we heard the cops. "Drop the bat. NOW" they screamed. Matt dropped the bat and they walked to him and put hand cuffs on him. finally. "Your under arrest. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court." They said. We all watched as he was put in the car.

"Thank God." I said. All the boys came around me and gave me a huge bear hug. It was nice being around boys that treated me well. 

"Zayn, I'm so sorry." I said. I didn't want anyone getting hurt but of course that didn't happen. "It's okay. Anything to protect you." He said in a goofy voice. It made us all laugh. 

Harry's POV

I snuck to the bathroom when I heard her evil boyfriend pounding at the door. I needed to call the police asap. They told me they would be here in 5-10 minutes and all I was thinking was, is that enough time? I walked out of the bathroom to see the boys standing around Melissa and Matt with a baseball bat. I joined them. Out of nowhere he punched Zayn and took Melissa. He twisted her arm while she fell to the floor and cry out in pain. I wanted to kill him. But the police came in and took him. I felt relief. My angel was okay. She will be okay as long as she's with me. It made me smile. 

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