Just another Boy? (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Hi, I'm Melissa. I'm 17 and live in the US. You could say I have the perfect life; Nice house, amazing clothes and a healthy family. But there's one thing my boyfriend is abusive and I think he's planning on killing me soon.


14. Whoran around. (;

Melissa POV

I was actually excited that I got to kiss Niall. I mean come on he is beautiful. We both leaned in and Zayn said "I started the time, I'll tell you when it's one minute." Our lips connected and I felt sparks. Like we were meant to be. He deepened the kiss and we were really going at it. My hands were in his hair, his hands were on my waist. I heard Zayn call time but we kept kissing. All the boys were laughing and tell us to get a room. 

Harry said "Alright, that's enough." He moved Niall away from me breaking the kiss. Well, that was room Harold. I thought. "Our little Nialler is growing up" Louis joked. He blushed a bright pink and I just laughed and kissed his cheek. 

Niall leaned over and whispered "meet me in my room later." I winked saying "Mm baby, okay." 

Niall's POV
The kiss with Melissa was amazing. I haven't felt like that when I kissed anyone else. I knew right then it was meant to be. I got so pissed when harry pulled me away. Couldn't he just let me get the girl once?! 

Harry POV

We all decided to go to bed since it was really late. The boys went straight to their room but Melissa stayed down stairs getting a drink. I knew it was now my chance to kiss her. She had to know that I'm better then Niall. He's just a little boy  at heart. I can give her what she really wants.

 "Soooo Melissa, whats up babe?" I asked her. "Ohh nothing. Today was so fun. Thank you for being so amazing." She said. See why was she so sweet. Gosh she's perfect. "I think your the one who is amazing. Your perfect, beautiful, sweet, funny, caring." "Oh haz, stop. You're making me blush."

I took my chance then. I walked up to her and slammed my lips on hers. She kissed back at first and it was amazing. But after 20 seconds she pushed me away... "I need to go upstairs. Good night." What...did she not like it....?

Melissa POV

I can't believe Harry kissed me. He is beautiful and sexy but I think I want Niall. The kiss though.. Ahh. What is happening.  I went to my room to change into booty shorts and and tank. Then I went to Niall's room. My beautiful sweet Nialler who I felt everything when I kissed him. I opened the door. "Hi princess, I've been waiting for you." He said while winking. 

Gosh, I feel guilty....

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