Just another Boy? (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Hi, I'm Melissa. I'm 17 and live in the US. You could say I have the perfect life; Nice house, amazing clothes and a healthy family. But there's one thing my boyfriend is abusive and I think he's planning on killing me soon.


7. stuck between two boys.

Harry's POV

I walked to Melissa and hugged her. I knew I just met her and were not dating but I feel a connection when I'm with her. 

"Melissa, can I ask you something?" I said shyly. "Of course Haz" she said. "Well I wanted to know if you wanted to spend the weekend here. I want to make sure you're safe." I was looking at the ground the whole time I said this. "Awh, Harry Styles wants to protect me?! Of course." she said. I smiled again and kissed her cheek. 

Niall's POV

I over heard Harry talking to Melissa. He asked if she wanted to stay the weekend. I was excited but then I knew it was also because Harry liked melissa.

I tightened my hands. "Nialler you okay?" Liam asked. I loosened my hands. "Yeah Li." I said. I wasn't. I wanted to start talking to Melissa. I wanted to be her knight in shining amour. 

Liam's POV

I could tell something was wrong with Niall. He looked pissed off. What could it be. He was fine until Harry brought Melissa home. That's gotta be it. Niall had to like Melissa. But we all knew Harry liked her too. 

Oh boy, I thought. This is gonna be tough. 


*Sorry its so short!*

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