Just another Boy? (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Hi, I'm Melissa. I'm 17 and live in the US. You could say I have the perfect life; Nice house, amazing clothes and a healthy family. But there's one thing my boyfriend is abusive and I think he's planning on killing me soon.


5. Meeting the Boys

Melissa's POV

We finally got to Harry's house and it was huge. I was in total shock; I thought my house was big.. "Melissa, the rest of the band is here, is that okay?" I nodded okay. He smiled and walked in leading me.

"Boys, this is my new friend Melissa!" Harry said happily. Louis spoke first "Geez Haz, what'd you do to the poor girl?!" I forgot I was still bloody from Matt beating me up. "Louis, not now-" Harry started to say but I cut him off. "I don't mind telling you." I turned to Harry "but can I get cleaned up first?" I said.

"Yeah of course, follow me love!" He said. I couldn't believe I was going to tell one direction what's happening. It's crazy but I feel like they can help me. 

Niall's POV

When Melissa and Harry walked in I was taken back. She was covered in blood and she had bruises on her body. I could tell she was beautiful though. I didn't know what to say until Harry was taking her to get cleaned up. My mind was going crazy though. What happen to her?! 

Melissa's POV

I got in the shower and watched all the blood fall to the floor. It hurt to wash my body. I think this is the worst Matt has beat me. I turned off the water and rapped myself in the towel. I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked horrible. I had a puffy eye, and bruises ALL over my body. I quickly turned away and put on Harry's clothes. I threw my hair in a messy bun and walked downstairs. 

I heard all the boys asking Harry what happen. I got to the bottom of the stairs and spoke-

"My boyfriend, he abuses me." All their faces had disgust. Harry walked to my side and hugged me. We walked to the couch.

"He hits me when he's drunk and that's exactly what happen today. I was going to my friend's house then I bumped into Harry and he took me here"I finished

"Melissa, we are all so sorry." Niall said. Liam jumped in and said "We're here for you, you know that right?"

I smiled a little and just nodded my head. These boys make me feel good. Unlike Matt.... who is pounding on the door right now. How'd he find me?! 

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