Just another Boy? (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Hi, I'm Melissa. I'm 17 and live in the US. You could say I have the perfect life; Nice house, amazing clothes and a healthy family. But there's one thing my boyfriend is abusive and I think he's planning on killing me soon.


16. ch.13

Niall's POV

Melissa fell asleep. I love being able to hold her in my arms. This thing between us just feels right. 


Melissa's POV

I woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon. Of course I hoped out of bed and went downstairs to find Harry and Zayn cooking. "Hey boys, everything smells so good!" I said. "Thanks Mel!" They said in unison. "So, Harry... I was thinking after breakfast we go out and find you a special lady." I said while give a little wink. "Yeah, that sounds awesome, M." "Oh, Haz ready to get some again, huh?" Asked Zayn with a laugh. "Mate, come on. Quit it." Harry said with a giggle.

Louis, Liam and Niall came down. "We smelled food so we figured we'd  come down." Louis said. I just laughed. Niall came over to me. "Hey babe. I rolled over and you were gone. I missed you." I turned to face him and put my arms around his neck. "Well, you're gonna miss me even more in a little. I'm going out with that curly haired freak." I said with a light laugh. "BUTTTT babe.... I wanted to hang out." He gave me the sad puppy dog eyes. "Well hang out later, promise...and I'll make it up to you.." I said while I ran my hand over his forming length. He turned a shade of pink and I laughed while walking away. Lou started to say"Yayyy budddy! You get to bang that hot hot hot-" "Okay, Lou! Stop talking like that about my girl..." 

"Breakfast is done." Harry said. We all sat and ate. "Guys I really love spending time with you. You'll are amazing." I said. "We love you!!!!!" Louis said loudly. We taked for a few and then I went to hop in the shower. After about 20 minutes, I hopped out and and braided my hair. I did my makeup and threw on some shorts with a tank. "Harry, you ready to go" I shouted. No sound.

"Harrry! Come on" "Melissa." I screamed. "Omg, you scared my Zayn what are you doing?" "Harry told me what happened. I think you should tell Niall right now. By the way, Harry's waiting in the car  for  you." "Zayn, I can't. I love Niall. He's not gonna wanna be with me. I'll tell him when I get back. I can figure out what to say." zayn nodded. "Okay."


Harry's POV

While Melissa was in the shower, I told Zayn what happened the night before. He was pretty understanding and said it was good that I was going to look for a new girl. 

Melissa came walking out, she looked beautiful. "hey babe, ready?" she asked. "yeah, where to?" I responded. "Uh, just go to the city." It was only about a 15 minute ride, but it was awesome. We just talked; talked about her, tallked about me and what kind of girl I wanted. We got to the city and started walking from the car. "Melissa, what if we don't find any luck?" "Stop, we will. Let's get ice cream. But be on the look out." We went to get ice cream and that is what Melissa pulled me by her. "That girl, right there! Go talk to her stud!" "I can't she's beautiful, but she's...." I was going to say not melissa but I told her I'd move my feelings. "She's perfect." I walked over to her.


"Hey, beautiful, I'm Harry." I said while extending my arm. "Hi, I'm Rosalie." She said with a smile and taking it. "That's a beautiful name, I was wondering if I can get your number." "Oh yeah! sure" Rosealie said. "Here. I need to go but text me..soon." She said while winking. Wow, maybe another girl to get over Melissa is just what I need. 


I walked over to Mel with a smile, "She's amazing. I'm going to text her when we get back to the house." I said. "omg! Yay!" Mel said while jumping into my arms. We went to the car and drove. "Harry, I'm telling Niall when we get back." "If that's what you want to do, ok. If you want me with you when you tell him, I'll be there." "No. It's okay." We pulled in the drive way. Niall opened the front door and Melissa ran into his arms. "Baby! I missed you. " Niall said. "I missed you too baby but can we talk..."


Niall POV

"I missed you too baby, but can we talk..." My heart started to pound. What was she going to say. "Ni, I love you, and I really don't want to say this because I don't want to lose you. You mean everything to me. I-I" Mel started crying. "It's okay love, say it." "Yesterday, when everyone went to bed, I got water and Harry stayed downstairs with me. We were talking and than he started to kiss me. I broke it off and went upstairs to bed with you. I wanted to tell you right away but I was scared. That's why me and Harry went out today, to find him a girl. " "Wait... you what? You kissed Harry. Ummm, I'm gonna take a walk." 

"Niall don't." Melissa said while full on sobbing. "Love, I'm not breaking up with you. I just need to take a walk." I walked out the door and just thought, I can't leave her, she means the world to me. 

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