Mine Forever and Always

Mikayla and her twin sister Trystin turn 18 and move to California. They had a great time the first week, but then they realize it is hard living on your own. Their dad is going to come pick them up and take them back home. Then the girls meet the love of their life's and tell their dad that they want to stay. But he disagrees and says he will be there in a week! What will the girls do?


1. California Here We Come!

"Mikayla, it's time to go! We are going to miss our plane!" said Trystin. "I'm coming! I'm coming!" We got in our car. I took the drivers seat but dad said "That's not the plan." Of course I knew the plan. We all did. Dad was going to drive us to the airport, Trystin and I would get on a plane, dad would drive our car to California, when we got there we would take a taxi to our new apartment and dad would meet us there later that week. I know what you are thinking. Why don't you all just drive? We could but ever since mom passed away we don't get along with dad that much. Thats a whole different story though. Long story short he tried to murder me and my sister. My eyes started to tear up just thinking about it. I decided to close my eyes and go to sleep.
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