The Ghost of Samantha Hickory

One day sister and brother James and Summer move to a run-down apartment. It's shabby, but it's all they can afford. The legend has it that a girl named Samantha Hickory was murdered there long ago and still haunts the room that they are staying in. When she starts leaving signs that she want her killer dead, she will do anything to make sure it happens.


4. The Possesion

Summer felt trapped. No way out.

"James!" she shouted.

The door shut. James heard his sister, but just thought she was going to yell at him for something totally ramdom. He ignored her and helped his father unpack the rest of the boxes.

Back in the room, Summer felt her body go clammy, as if something was taking over her whole body. She felt enlightened.

"Garrett Daniels is your target. You will take a cleaver from his kitchen and kill him. Then, you will take the body to the river and let him float with the current. His house is 8 blocks down. Nobody will find his body. Finally, he will be gone. Forever."

Summer heard the words and headed out of the apartment, saying that she was visiting a new friend named Garrett Daniels 8 blocks down. Once outside, she started to walk down the street. James followed her, knowing that she was up to something. he was acting...different. He followed her into a house a couple blocks down. When they entered the house, Summer went straight to the kitchen and grabbed a meat cleaver.

"SUMMER! Put the knife down now! You can hurt somebody!" James scremed.

"GET OUT!" Summer turned to him and he saw that her eyes were completely white. No Question. She was possesed by something or someone.

"Samantha, get out of my sister. Your better than this. You don't have to kill someone that's hurt you. Please, we need Summer. I'm sorry that your upset, but you need to be put to rest. Your time is done here. Be gone." James was trying to reason with the spirit. It worked, too. A ghost of a battered girl rose from his sister and flew off to the local cemetary. Samantha Hickory was no longer the ghost of Hickory Hotels.


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