The Ghost of Samantha Hickory

One day sister and brother James and Summer move to a run-down apartment. It's shabby, but it's all they can afford. The legend has it that a girl named Samantha Hickory was murdered there long ago and still haunts the room that they are staying in. When she starts leaving signs that she want her killer dead, she will do anything to make sure it happens.


3. Samantha, Is That You?

The troubled siblings met up at the intersection, both of them out of breath from running so fast.

"Did you hear the legend?" heaved James.

"Yeah." Summer replied.

They uneasily walked into their apartment to find their father singing, shirtless, as he unpacked the boxes.

"Dad! This place is haunted! We need to move back to Massachussettes right away!" screamed Summer.

"Damn it, Summer! I'm sorry that you're homesick, but you need to stop telling lies!" shrieked their dad.

Summer, looking dumbfounded, turned on her heel to check out the crime scene room. She crossed the threshold and entered the room. Closing the door behind her, she crossed the room to the bed. Summer put her face close to the wall and tried to locate a faint shape of a hand. What she saw, or rather heard, was a lot different than a bloodstain.

"Come. You are the chosen one." The voice was faint and soft. Summer figured she was just a bit paranoid, and continued the search on the wall. All of a sudden, something sharp hit her in the back of her neck. She whipped around, just to find a book at her feet. She picked the book up and opened it. Page after page was blank. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Summer placed the book back on the dresser. Her cell phone vibrated, signaling a text message.


Hmmm. Unkmown number. Well, that girl I met doesn't have my number, so who could it be? Summer chose not to answer the message, figuring it was just a big, lame joke. Her phone vibrated again.

ANSWER ME! -Samantha

Who is this girl, and what does she want from me? Samantha...the ghost girl!



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