The Ghost of Samantha Hickory

One day sister and brother James and Summer move to a run-down apartment. It's shabby, but it's all they can afford. The legend has it that a girl named Samantha Hickory was murdered there long ago and still haunts the room that they are staying in. When she starts leaving signs that she want her killer dead, she will do anything to make sure it happens.


2. Legend Has It

When they arrived at Hickory Hotels, they were very surprised at the lack of hospitality.

"That's the amazing apartment that you found?" smirked Summer in a snotty tone of voice. The apartment building was broken in some places, and needed fixing in others. Most of the paint was chipping off, and the doors all needed to be replaced. It looked like they were going to be living in the Munsters' house for the rest of their lives.

"Well, it's somewhere and it's cheap. I'll unpack. You two can go look around the town, meet some new people." replied their father with an equal amount of attitude as his daughter.

With a bit of hesitation, they left the rows of apartments and headed out to browse the village. At the intersection, they parted, going opposite directions from each other. James came across a boy about a yer older than him and stopped to say hello.

"You new around here?" the boy asked.

"Yeah, I just moved into Hickory Hotels a few blocks down."

"That sucks. Didn't you hear the legend yet?"

"What legend?"

"I take that as a no. Let me be the first to tell you. A couple years ago, the owner's daughter, Samantha Hickory, waas murdered. A man came into her room and murdered her in her sleep. If you look real close, you can still see the bloodstain on the wall by the bed. Legend has it that she haunts the house, looking for someone to go find her killer and mke him pay. Big time, if you know what I mean." the boy seemed satisfied with his story nd crossed his arms over his chest in triumph.


Summer came upon a girl smoking a ciggarette and approached her. The smoke smelled like peppermint.

"Hey." Summer said cooly.

"Let me guess, you're the new girl that moved into te haunted Hickory Hotels."

"Yeah, and it's not haunted."

"Here's the deal. Short and sweet. Summer Hickory was murdered in that hotel. Bloodstain on the wall and everything. She's been looking for the perfect person to get back at her killer. It might be you."

"Oh. I got to go. Thanks for telling me." Summer backed away and took a running start back to the apartment building.



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