The Ghost of Samantha Hickory

One day sister and brother James and Summer move to a run-down apartment. It's shabby, but it's all they can afford. The legend has it that a girl named Samantha Hickory was murdered there long ago and still haunts the room that they are staying in. When she starts leaving signs that she want her killer dead, she will do anything to make sure it happens.


1. Moving

"What do you mean we're moving?!?" screeched Summer Adams. Her dad had just broken the big news that they would be leaving Massachussettes next week. Being the popular girl, this was a fatal change. She couldn't leave her friends, she just couldn't! Her brother, James Adam, was thrilled at the news. Soon, he had the place that they would be moving to up on his computer screen. They would live at a run-down apartment called Hickory Hotels. James tried to click on the link that said find more, but it wouldn't open.

"Hmmm" James thought. He decided that he had better things to do and vowed to try again tomorrow. They would be moving because their father had just lost his job to the government. Summer and James's mother had died in a dreadful car accident last month. Her job was the main source of money in the house, and now that she was gone, the money was scarce. On top of all of that, their dad just got fired for being a total asshole to his boss.

"Start packing!" yelled James's dad.

James rolled his eyes and sighed. this was going to be a long week. The move wouldn't be hard for him, since he didn't really have any friends to break the "terrible" news to. His books were his friends, and he could take them with him to Hickory Hotels. They would start out at 6:00A.M. on the Tuesday of next week.


Monday of the following week, the whole house looked like a box monster had moved in and didn't know how to use a toilet. Boxes were scattered everywhere. Labels had been scribbled on the outside of all of them. They were ready to leave the only life they had ever known. This would be the last time the three of them ever saw the house that their grandfather had built with his own two hands. This was goodbye Massachussettes.


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