Artists make the Best Paragraphs

I started this on Facebook. But I took the titles of Artists and tried to make paragraphs, comment artists I can do.


3. Taylor Swift

Hey Stephen, The Way I Loved You was Forever And Always. Jump Then Fall, be Fearless, be a Superstar. Did you Change to Begin Again? Tell Me Why and Breathe. The Best Day with you was A State Of Grace. I Knew You Were Trouble, but you left me Enchanted, I'm no longer Innocent. Our Last Kiss will be Mine. You Should've Said No. Our Song Haunted me Back To December. Back to The Story Of Us. Speak Now before I leave this Picture To Burn. You might be 22, and I'm Fifteen, but we can make a Love Story. You were Mean, but the The Moment I Knew You Belong With Me the Sparks Fly. I am The Lucky One. If I have to find A Place In This World on my own Stay Beautiful. Cause I'm Only Me When I'm With You. Stay Safe & Sound. Please Stay Stay Stay. Come Back... Be Here.

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