Artists make the Best Paragraphs

I started this on Facebook. But I took the titles of Artists and tried to make paragraphs, comment artists I can do.


1. Paramore

This is my Misery Business, so Let the Flames Begin. I was Born for This. I built these Fences Brick By Boring Brick, and sung Hallelujah for some sort of Miracle. For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic most of the time. So stop Playing God, cause Here We Go Again. My Heart is not Careful. I'm just a Monster, so Let This Go and Turn It Off. Decode Where The Lines Overlap, and That's What You Get. When It Rains, it will be the end of the Emergency. But All We Know is the Pressure. Ignorance won't get me Feeling Sorry. Cause All I Wanted was The Only Exception.

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