Artists make the Best Paragraphs

I started this on Facebook. But I took the titles of Artists and tried to make paragraphs, comment artists I can do.


4. Avril Lavigne

My World is about to Fall To Pieces. I'm going to Freak Out cause he Slipped Away. When we were Together He Wasn't My Happy Ending. Was I Forgotten, Who Knows. I Can Do Better but When You're Gone, I Don't Have To Try. I Keep Holding On to The Best Damn Thing I've known. 4 Real I Love You. Was it Too Much To Ask from a Sk8r Boi? To treat me like Nobody's Fool, but his Girlfriend. I guess I was Not Enough. Remember When I was your Darlin, and Stop Standing There. I'm Losing Grip when I'm With You. Don't Push me, give me a Smile. Stop making it Complicated.

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