I Say Forever

Leah Martin and best friend, Addie, go to a concert, with an unexpected surprise. What will happen when these 16 year olds fall for teen pop stars? Will it be too hard? Will they give up? Or will it be perfect? Take a look into Leah's love life.


7. Waffle House Time!

We all packed in the tour bus, and dropped my dad off first so he can follow us with the van. Then we were on our way to nearest Waffle House. It wasn’t far, but we had a good time talking about the night and getting to know each other more. The tour bus pulled up, filling 4 parking spaces in the process.  Nick took my hand and we all piled into Waffle House. We all sat down with Nick and I on one side, Joe and Addie on the other, and on another table sat my dad, Papa J, and Kevin.

“Order what you like.  It’s on me,” said Papa J.

Was he serious?

“Are you sure?” I said.

“Of course! Anything for such a nice family!” said Papa Jonas.

Nick was right. He WAS the best!

“So what are you getting, Leah?” Nick asked me as we looked at our menus.

“Hmmmm…I’ll get my usual.  Chocolate chip waffles with a side of buttered grits. Oh! And an orange juice,” I said with a smile.

“Me too!” Joe said giving me a high five.

“What about you Nick?” I asked.

“I would get the same thing as you but my sugar has been really high lately and I can’t afford a day in the hospital tonight, so I’ll just get some eggs and hash browns,” he answered with a grin.

"I'll make sure to sneak you a bite," I winked.

Nick smiled and rubbed my back.

“And you Addie?” Joe asked.

“Well, I usually get the ham and cheese omelet, but I’m kind of in the mood for chocolate chip waffles as well! But hash browns instead of grits,” she said, making a face.

“Sounds good! Oh waiter? Or waitress? We are ready to order!” Joe yelled, calling for the server lady.

We told her our drink orders and our food orders too and she went off to start on them.

We started talking about a lot of different things like places they've been to that Addie and I wished we could go to. About 10 minutes later, the lady came back with as many plates as she could carry, and another worker behind her with food in her arms too.

“Here you go! Enjoy your meal!” they smiled and walked away.

After we realized the time, we quickly ate our food, Papa J paying for our meal, and then rushed out of the restaurant,

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