I Say Forever

Leah Martin and best friend, Addie, go to a concert, with an unexpected surprise. What will happen when these 16 year olds fall for teen pop stars? Will it be too hard? Will they give up? Or will it be perfect? Take a look into Leah's love life.


20. Skating and Ideas



Addie ran upstairs with Joe wobbling behind her to get jackets and Nick and I ran next door to get ours.

“So when was the last time you went ice skating?” I asked Nick.

He looked a little nervous.

“When I was 12.  I haven’t had much time since then to go. I loved it though!” he answered zipping up his jacket.

I went to my closet and found my hounds tooth winter jacket.  It’s my all-time favorite jacket to wear when it snows during the winter. I grabbed some red cotton gloves from the shelf and put them in my pocket.  I grabbed Nick’s black ones and handed them to him.  He smiled and took them and stuffed them in his jacket pocket as well.  We walked downstairs, hand in hand, and locked the house up and met Addie and Joe out front in Nick’s car. We drove to the ice skating rink in town, talking excitedly all the way there.  This was gonna be fun.

We got in through the ticket booth and ran to go get our skates.

“Size 7 ½” I said to the man behind the counter, handing him my shoes.

“Ok!” he said.

He went to the shoe section and grabbed a pair, putting my shoes in its place.  He came back and took everyone else’s, except for Joe's, shoes.  I walked over to the bench with Addie and attempted to put on my ice skates.  I couldn’t pull them tight enough so I asked Addie to help, but she couldn’t either. 

“Hey honey? Can you come pull my laces tighter?” I called to Nick.

He wobbled over in both of his skates and sat down on the ground in front of me.  He pulled them really hard until I could feel my blood stop circulating.

“Ok OK! That’s tight enough!” I yelled squeezing his shoulders, signaling him to stop.

He smirked and tied them for me to keep them in place.  He helped me off the bench and we wobbled over to the ice skating rink door.  We put on our gloves and walked in.  We all were wobbling in a pack over to the ice, holding on to each other and the railings for dear life.  Joe was helping Addie hold on while he walked.

“Ready?” Nick said to me holding my hand.

“Yup!” I said back with a smile.

I stepped on the ice, one foot at a time.  It wasn’t really that bad.  We skated around for a while together as a pack on the side and then ended up splitting off as couples.  Joe was holding Addie's hand her walking along the side.  He still could barely walk so he wasn't skating.

“So what are we gonna get Addie and Joe for their wedding present?” I asked Nick curiously.

I have been wondering about what to get them all month!

“Well, how about a picture frame of all of our great times together as a double couple?” Nick suggested.

“Hmm..I don’t know. I kind of want it to be something super special!” I said, slipping a little on the ice. “What’s the most special thing you’ve ever given to someone?”

Nick thought long and hard for several minutes then he lit up with a huge grin on his face.  I couldn’t help but laugh at his sudden reaction.

“I wrote a song for my parents once!” he whisper yelled.

“I wrote one for my mom for mother’s day once!” I yelled back smiling.

Nick covered my mouth because I accidentally yelled a little too loud.  He looked around to make sure Addie and Joe weren’t around.  He looked around and then nodded back to me.

“We can write them a song!  Well I think I have an idea already! Do wanna write one with me and it can be from both us?” I asked him with hopeful eyes that he would help me.

“I say that we just write one from both of us,” Nick said kissing me on the cheek.

“Sounds perfect!” I said and hugged him tight.

“What are you two talking about over here?” Joe asked with his hands on his hips walking next to us outside of the rink.

He looked a little sassy.  He’s such a diva.

“Nothing!” Nick and I answered quickly looking at Joe with a smile.

Joe raised his eyebrow and we followed him to the concession stand to get hot chocolate.  Nick and I smirked all the way there.  I know Joe thinks we were laughing about something.  Too bad he’s gonna have to wait till his wedding!  We drank our hot chocolate after we turned in our skates. We drove home and crashed at my house.  We all instantly fell asleep.  Just as I was about to fall asleep, Nick whispered in my ear.

“Leah? Are you awake?” he said.

“Yeah?” I rubbed my eyes.

“Do you wanna work on the song tomorrow? We can give Addie and Joe some alone time,” he said brushing the hair out of my face.

“Sure,” I smiled.

He kissed my lips softly.  It was a sweet ‘good night’ kiss.

“Good night, angel,” he said as I laid my head back down.

“Good night, honey,” I whispered and closed my eyes.

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