I Say Forever

Leah Martin and best friend, Addie, go to a concert, with an unexpected surprise. What will happen when these 16 year olds fall for teen pop stars? Will it be too hard? Will they give up? Or will it be perfect? Take a look into Leah's love life.


4. Hello Beautiful



The music picked up again and we started clapping and yelling lyrics to Year 3000. The concert was going so well and Addie and I had our arms around each other as we jumped up and down, screaming the lyrics.

After about 5 more songs, Nick and Kevin pulled out their acoustic guitars and started strumming while walking towards the edge of the stage.  Joe pulled his mic out of the stand and walked to the left side of the stage. Nick walked down the middle and Kevin walked to the right side.

“So now we are about to sing one of our favorite songs off the album, BUT we need help from 3 of you.”  Joe said pointing to the crowd.

Addie and I jumped up and down trying to get their attention to be picked.  Nick skimmed the sides of the center catwalk, pointing his finger over the girls near to him.  He turned around and stared at me in the eyes. Nick pointed in my direction and smiled.

Addie looked behind her and stared at me with a grin on her face. “He’s pointing at you, Leah!!” she screamed.

I looked back at Nick and he had already walked to the edge of the stage, holding out his hand for me.

I pointed at myself and mouthed, “Me?”

He nodded his head and kept smiling.  I took it and handed Addie my cell phone to take pictures.

The security gave me a boost to get up on stage, with the help of Nick.  He was so strong.  I don’t even think the security did anything.

Nick grabbed my hand and led me to the left stool on the stage and I sat down.  Joe walked over with no one yet, and Kevin held a little girl’s hand and walked to the stage, lifting her up onto his stool.  Joe walked to the middle one more time, ignoring all the crazy fans’ hands bobbing up and down.  He stared in the direction of where I was sitting.

"No way," I thought out loud. He pointed at Addie and helped her up on stage with one arm.

“She is probably dying right now,” I told Nick, who chuckled.

Addie came running up to me on stage, close to tears.  She was smiling so big.  Joe looked over at us with a confused look.

"We came here together!" I yelled to Joe over the fans, pointing between Addie and I.

Joe and Nick laughed before offering their arms to us. Addie hesitated but I smiled at her reassuringly.

“So what’s your name, gorgeous?” said Joe to Addie.

“I’m Addie!  And I love you guys so much,” she yelled into his mic.

“Nice to meet you Addie,” the boys said together.

“And who are you, little cutie?” Kevin asked the little girl.

She smiled and answered, “My name is Amy.”

Everyone in the audience said “Awwww”.  She was so cute!

“Hello, Amy! My name is…” Kevin started.

“KEVIN!  I know!” Amy yelled squeezing him into a hug.

He laughed and hugged her back.

Nick turned and smiled at me.  “And what is your name, beautiful?” he winked.

“I’m Leah,” I grinned.  “And Addie and I are best friends!” I said pointing at her.

She laughed and blew me a kiss.  I giggled and turned to face Nick again.

“You three, lovely ladies, are here to be serenaded by us as we sing our song ‘Hello Beautiful,’” Joe said looking at Addie, Amy, and I.

The crowd screamed in jealousy and excitement.  A huge grin was planted on my face and a little red rushed to my cheeks.  Nick stood next to me on my right facing the audience.

They started strumming those first gorgeous chords.  The crowd went silent to listen and waved their arms.

“Hello beautiful. How’s it going?” Nick started singing. “I hear it’s wonderful in ALABAMA,” he yelled Alabama really loud, looking at the crowd.

“I’ve been missin you,” he looks back at me.  “It’s true.”  He smiled. and continued strumming.

“But tonight, I’m gonna fly,” Joe sings and puts his and Addie’s arms out like a plane.

“Yeah tonight, I’m gonna FLY!!” he twirls Addie around. “'Cause I can go across the world and see everything and never be satisfied, if I couldn’t see those eyes,” squishing Addie's cheeks with his face as she giggles.

Nick nodded his head, signalling me to follow him. I stood up and walked with him, with my hand on his shoulder.  “Hello beautiful, it’s been a long time.  And since my phone’s rung, you’ve been on the line. I’ve been missin you,” he turned around to face me as we walked to the right side of the stage.  “It’s true,” he bowed his head a little at me and smiled.

I blushed a little.  “Gosh, he looks so perfect up close,” I thought.  He walked me to the catwalk in the middle where Joe, Addie, Kevin, and Amy were. Addie looked so happy holding Joe's hand.

“But tonight, I’m gonna fly,” Joe sang as he held out his hand for me to take.  I walked a little faster to take it and looked back at Nick smiling and waving him to come with me.  He nodded and did a little jog to get to me.

“Yeah tonight, I’m gonna FLY!!” Joe sang lifting mine and Addie’s arms.

“Oh yeah!” Nick added.  We giggled and sang along with them.

I looked over at Nick, letting go of Joe’s hand, and started singing to him. 

“'Cause I can go across the world and see everything, AND NEVER BE SATISFIED!!” Joe paused for a few seconds, causing the room to burst into screams.

“If I couldn’t, see…” Joe held the last note.

Screams. Tears. Addie was holding his hand tight.  Kevin was helping little Amy wave her hands in the air.  Nick was staring right at me, not moving an inch.

“Those. Eyes,” Joe smiled and kissed Addie on the cheek.  Nick and Kevin played the last few strings and the fans went wild.  I smiled at Nick and leaned over to him.  He smashed his lips into mine.  I was pretty shocked because I didn't think he did that sort of thing, but eventually I did close my eyes and touch his face.  I’m pretty sure I almost fainted.  We broke the long kiss by the sounds of guards yelling at me to get off the stage and the girls screaming louder.  I looked at Addie and she stared at me with an evil grin.  Joe’s face was abruptly turned to Addie and she smashed her lips into his.  Joe was shocked at first, but then put his hands on her hips..  Nick and I looked at each other shocked and burst into laughter.  Kevin covered Amy’s eyes and started laughing as well.  You could hear a few whistles in the crowd also.  I laughed so hard I was holding onto Nick's shoulder trying to catch my breath. Well didn't see that one coming, am I right?

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