I Say Forever

Leah Martin and best friend, Addie, go to a concert, with an unexpected surprise. What will happen when these 16 year olds fall for teen pop stars? Will it be too hard? Will they give up? Or will it be perfect? Take a look into Leah's love life.


10. Camp Rock 2 with Who?



*2 years later*

So Nick and I are still together but we sadly haven’t seen each other for 2 years.  I don’t know how we managed it.  I was now 18 years old, which means Nick and I are legal. Well anyways, it was the summer of 2010, when Camp Rock 2 premieres. I have been taking Addie’s guest room all summer.  Her father and sisters were out of town for some band stuff so I basically raided her house.  It was like my 2nd home!

Buzzzz, my phone went.

Nick has been texting me all day, a little more than usual.  They were just finishing up their tour for their new album A Little Bit Longer. It was very exciting for them.  They also were working on CR2 so that also prevented them from seeing us.  I still don’t think Papa J knows about us yet but soon they will, I believe.

I opened up Nick’s text and it read, “Hey Leah? I still don’t know where you live.”

I texted back, “Why do you need to know right now?  And also I’m still with Addie!”

I sent it and looked up at Addie.  She was also texting Joe.  Yup. They are still together also.  They were so cute at times. She looked at me with a confused look, handing me her phone.

I had the same look on my face as I read a text from Joe, “I have a surprise for you two! What is your address, Addie?”

I smiled and showed her my phone too.  It’s like they were trying to play some weird joke on us.  I hated when they did that.  Suddenly, the doorbell rang.  I perked up as I opened my phone to see Nick text me, “Open the door!”

Addie and I ran downstairs and opened the door, with caution, because Addie falls a lot.  Joe ran in and attacked Addie with a big bear hug.  I smiled as Nick stepped in.  He looked a little nervous for some reason.  I let him in and pulled him into a comforting hug.  He was always so shy, in some ways.  He hugged me back and kissed my hair.  I took in his scent and kissed him on his chest.  Gosh, he smelled so good.

I pulled back and Nick took my hand as we went to go find where Joe and Addie went.  Joe had Addie over his shoulder and running around the house like a maniac.  Nick and I fell on the floor laughing so hard.  Joe finally calmed down and put Addie on the couch. They cuddled up as Nick and I sat down next to them.  I sat in Nick’s lap.

“How did you guys get here?” I asked Nick turning to look at him.

He rubbed my cheek with his thumb.

“Actually we kind of told our dad that we needed some brother time so we left and found you guys,” he said smiling.

I cuddled up closer to him and he put his arms around my shoulders.

“Now let’s watch some Camp Rock 2! I heard it was really good!” Joe shouted turning up the volume.

Addie and I giggled at Joe’s obnoxiousness.  This night will be like falling in love all over again.

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