I Say Forever

Leah Martin and best friend, Addie, go to a concert, with an unexpected surprise. What will happen when these 16 year olds fall for teen pop stars? Will it be too hard? Will they give up? Or will it be perfect? Take a look into Leah's love life.


18. Accidents Happen

Suddenly my phone went off.  It was Nick.

“Yes, sweetie?” I answered.

“Honey? We need you guys. Now,” he said panicked.

“Honey? Are you ok? What’s wrong?” I started to freak out.

Addie was getting dressed and Mama J was next to me with a worried look on her face.

“Yeah I’m fine, but Joe’s not.  We are at the hospital. Hurry!” he said quickly and hung up.

Darn it. His phone died.  Addie opened the door and ran to her house to grab her phone.  She ran back over here crying.

I rubbed her back.  I guess she already got the memo.  We explained everything to Mrs. Jonas and ran to my car.  It was raining really badly.  I really didn’t like being on the road when it poured.  I started driving to the hospital but saw Joe’s car in a ditch. Oh crap. 

"Stop the car," Addie said. We got out to see if he was there and he wasn’t. I got back in the car and said ‘Hospital’.

We drove to the hospital, everyone was crying.  I ran in and saw Nick waiting for us in the waiting room.

He stood up for me and wrapped his arms around me.  He comforted Addie too, since she was bawling her eyes out.

The doctor came out and said, “Mrs. Jonas?”

Addie, Mama J, and I all looked up.  I looked back down, since they didn’t know yet.

“The one with Joseph?” he asked again.

“That’s me,” Addie sniffed.

“Follow me,” he said and led her to a room.

I sat in Nick’s lap waiting for them to come back out so we could go in and see him.

“So what happened?” I asked Nick looking at him.

“Well, I was stopped at a red light. And Joe was behind me. He wasn’t slowing down so I’m guessing his brakes went out.  He hydroplaned into the nearby ditch, trying not to hit me.  I can’t thank him enough for that,” Nick said shaking his head. “I had my dad and Frankie in my car so they were fine.”

I hugged him tight. I was glad he was safe.

“Thanks, doll,” Nick smiled at me.

Did I just say that out loud?

Nick laughed, “Yeah, you did.”

I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder and rubbed Mama J’s hand softly.

“Excuse me? But you guys can go see him now,” the doctor came out and greeted us.

We all ran to Joe’s room and sat in the chairs next to him. Addie had her hands wrapped in his and was crying really hard.  Soon we all got hungry and went to the cafeteria to go eat something, except for Addie. She refused to leave Joe.  Nick brought Addie some food.  I sat with the Jonas family a little while longer, eating in silence.

“I can tell Nick really cares about you, Leah,” Papa J said looking up at me.

I smiled.  That made it even better.

“Thank you. We also have something to tell you guys, but we’ll wait until Joe wakes up,” I said to them.

We walked back to Joe’s room and he was awake.  I was so relieved!

We all slept over at hospital.

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