Dog lover

Julia is just a girl living a normal 11 year old life when a stray dog comes along and becomes her bestfriend and changes her life. No hate please this is my first movella. :)


2. Then I Woke Up

Me, My dad, and my mom were going out for a picnic. When we opened the door, The freezing air blew my brown curls back. Our boots left imprints in the snow from last nights small storm. Even with the cold temperatures, We felt cozy from the trees and beautiful, fresh snow. I glanced at my mom. She looked beautiful, with her curly dirty blonde hair pulled back in a pony, Making her bright blue eyes pop. She smiled at me and I smiled back. Her smile was so beautiful. It made you just want to smile back and give her a hug. My dad, with dark brown hair and brown eyes, started running and when I realized what was happening, I started running to. The Blizzard was chasing us, chasing us to our doom. My mom, running behind us, was trying to keep up and when we finally made it to a cave, it was too late. She was gone.And so was my only friend. I was bawling when everything went black."WAAAKKEE UPP SLEEEPPYY HEEEAAADD!!! BREAKFASTTT!!" I heard my dad yell. ugggghhhh. I only that dream wasn't real, but it was. 'COMING' I replied. Then the left over soup from a couple days ago filled my nose. When am I going to have normal food like the other kids? My dad has a very low paying job. He gets 100$ a week. and most of it, he uses to get hunting supplies. "How has your sleep?" "Good" I lied. It was the opposite of good. I was sweating, moving, and falling off the bed. "ok well im going to work theres some math work on the table." Oh ya. I forgot I had Math work... Meh... I just won't do it. Just not today. I knew I had to do something. My heart was telling me to go outside. 


'outside' 'outside' The voice kept on running through my head. And then. At that moment. I swung open the door and right away I felt cold air rush through me. I then realized there was a small dog standing in front of me. He look comforted from the warm air coming from my house. On his right paw it was all red from an accident and his left ear bitten in half. And before I could see what the rest of his body looked like, he ran as fast as he could from realizing there was a person in front of him. "COME BACK!" I screamed. But he didn't listen to me. He just kept on running until all I could see was his little tail, then he disappeared into the woods. But I knew that wasn't the last time I was going to see him. No he was going to come back. And it was my job to make sure dad doesn't find out. If he does, he will make a feast out of him. A/N Hope you like it! Updated soon!

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