Dog lover

Julia is just a girl living a normal 11 year old life when a stray dog comes along and becomes her bestfriend and changes her life. No hate please this is my first movella. :)


4. Nothing.

.... Nothing. I saw nothing. So I went over to the fridge to find nothing to eat. at all. I looked over at the door. I slowly walked over to it. I hesitated to open it, but when I did I found nothing. Gosh. my life is boring. If only I had a friend. Or even someone to talk to besides my dad. Then I saw it. I saw an animal. Right away I was hoping for it to be the dog I saw a couple weeks ago. But the animal was so far away. I couldn't tell what it was. And I am defiantly not stepping off this porch. I was telling myself, go, go but also telling myself no you want to get killed like your mom? I slowly walked back in and shut the door. Then shortly after my dad came home with 2 rabbits and some lettuce. Time to eat. Yay! 


After dinner, I went to my room and came back to my dad with an old board game. We played a bit until my dad asked," were's your school work?" I replied,"On the table" "ok" Then I put the game away and went to sleep


At 2 in the morning I woke up to the sound of whimpering  I slowly and quietly walked down stairs and looked out the window. Then I saw the dog. Inside I felt so happy but then I realized he was probably cold and hungry. So I lit the fire and warmed the house. I then put some leftover rabbit meat in the stove and warmed it up. It smelt so good. just then I new my plan would work. I set the meat in a plate and put it in the middle of the floor. I slowly opened the door and went behind it so he/ she wouldn't see me. I stayed there and the dog walked in and started eating like a pig. he ate it in 2 minutes and licked the plate clean. He was so comfortable in the warmth. I didn't care that I was letting the cold in because the fire place was warm enough. I slowly shut the door and he ran and hid behind the table. I felt so mean doing this but I was saving a life. I walked over to it slowly and put my hand out for it to smell me. He hesitated, so I put my hand closer. He slowly sniffed it and then randomly started licking it. I was giggling but quietly so my dad wouldn't hear. I think I found a new friend. A/N Hope you like it! Have a Merry Christmas! :D

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