The Dragon Born Book 1: The Dragon's Tide

As Hunter slowly descended down towards the ocean floor, his blindfold slipped off. The water was murky gray and full of fish that circled him in confusion. His lungs started to burn and he remembered that he could breathe underwater.

Hunter Greenwood, age 15, was an adopted child. His mom sent him away to a crazy boarding school with a mad principal named Mr. D. On a field trip out to the Atlantic ocean where he found himself shoved out the porthole of the ship. He did not know what his life was about to become...

(be sure to read at least through the third chapter)


5. Chapter 5~The Green Dragon

     Hunter was getting used to his new body. He had spent maybe the past ten minutes swimming around using his wings and tail. He was getting good. Then he spent the most amount of time trying to fly better. He could get up in the air, but when he did he looked like a drunken monkey flailing around in the air. After enough practice he could maintain flight. That was when he decided that he was going to attack Mr. D. He had put him into this mess, and if it weren’t for him then maybe Hunter would have the chance of being a regular kid for once! He shot up out of the water , and flew right towards the ship. All of the children on the upper deck stopped and stared at him in disbelief. He paused for a moment before continuing to fly towards them. People flooded from the lower deck and cabin. They were taking pictures and videos and he hated it! Fury took over him as he flew toward the ship and dived toward the deck like a missile. He was about to make impact when something big and green flew out and slammed into Hunter, forcing him back under the waves. The beast held him under as e slashed at his throat and soon Hunter felt himself loosing oxygen..


                                                                   *  *   *

                When Hunter woke he was in his human form. He felt cold when he realized where he was, and that he had no clothes on. He was laying on a rock in a cave, and was covered by a blanket. Outside sitting by the cave entrance was the thing that attacked him. It was another dragon Hunter had realized when it turned around. Its eyes were a strange orange color, and its scales were green. It looked dirty as if it was covered in moss. He saw the dragon’s eye change from orange to blue as he transformed back to his normal form. When hunter looked back there was a boy in black clothing. He was a lot younger than Hunter, maybe eight or nine. As he looked at Hunter once more with a fierce look on his face he said, “You’re crazy.” When hunter was about to reply asking the boy why he was being considered crazy, when he continued, “Are you trying to get our species extinct?! I mean just charging out like that….there are only a couple of us and I’m glad I found you before you made the biggest mistake in your life.” He said then shook his head in disgust.

                “I-I was not in control of myself.” Hunter said wondering why he stuttered. ”Why have you brought me here to this…cave? It’s a dump in here. Is this where you live?” Hunter asked in disgust

                “Ok,” the boy began, “If you don’t like it then you can jump out. It’s a 2000 foot drop, be my guest. If I were you I wouldn’t do that until I’d mastered my morphing.”

                “How do you know I haven’t mastered my morphing?” hunter asked becoming annoyed with this boy’s rudeness.

                “It’s obvious,” The boy went on, “If you had mastered your morphing then you wouldn’t be naked right now and you probably would have jumped out of my cave by now. And For the record I do live here.”

                Hunter looked at the boy in disbelief, “Nice place.” Hunter snorted as he looked around.

                “Oh do you have a better place?!” The boy yelled.

                “Yea I do, it’s called a house.”

                “Well if I had a house then maybe I would live in it, but it’s too late for that.”

                “What do you mean ‘but it’s too late’?” hunter asked confused as the boy walked back to the front of the cave.

“I had to give up my life for this…burden.” The boy said while gazing at the mountains around us.

 Hunter then realized that on the back of the boys hoodie there as the world-know symbol of a hydra with a nuclear missile coming from the mouth on the head in the center. The most shocking thing was that the boy had two grey stripes on the cuff of his sleeve. In the gang he was apparently in, one grey stripe meant you were the supreme leader of about 10 different people. Two grey stripes meant that you were second in command and pretty much the leader’s best friend. This boy, younger than Hunter even, had that position in a gang that was hated all over the world for doing national crimes. “You call being best friends to a guy who has the nation’s top wanted criminals wishing they were him as a friend a life?” He asked in disbelief.

“Yes.” The boy replied simply. “Patrick was the best friend I’ve had.”

“His name was Patrick?!” Hunter asked bursting into laughter.

                The next thing he knew he was pinned to the floor with the boy clawing at his throat with the claws of his dragon, not his hands. “Never EVER make fun of Patrick!” He spat through gritted teeth. He got off me and his claws morphed back into hands. “You never told me your name.” He said flatly looking out at the mountains once again.

“You never told me yours.”

“I asked first.”

“Fair enough.” He sighed and said, “Hunter. My name is Hunter. And you are?”

“Ryan.” He answered simply once again. “How old are you?”

“Fifteen. How old are you now that we are going into personal questions.”

Ryan looked at the ground as if he were thinking about how old he was. “Nine… I think I’m nine.” Late evening was coming as the sun set. “I’m going to go get dinner.”  He stated simply as he jumped out the cave while morphing, leaving Hunter in is deepest thoughts. 

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