The Dragon Born Book 1: The Dragon's Tide

As Hunter slowly descended down towards the ocean floor, his blindfold slipped off. The water was murky gray and full of fish that circled him in confusion. His lungs started to burn and he remembered that he could breathe underwater.

Hunter Greenwood, age 15, was an adopted child. His mom sent him away to a crazy boarding school with a mad principal named Mr. D. On a field trip out to the Atlantic ocean where he found himself shoved out the porthole of the ship. He did not know what his life was about to become...

(be sure to read at least through the third chapter)


4. Chapter 4~ Dragon Morphing...Not Fun

                As Hunter slowly descended down towards the ocean floor, his blindfold slipped off. The water was murky gray and full of fish that circled him in confusion. Unfortunately the gag was still in his mouth. Hunter just realized something. When he looked down he saw giant steel spheres that were attached to his ankles. There were more attached to his wrists. His lungs started to burn and he remembered that he could breathe underwater (he found that out the hard way). He took a small gulp of water, and he snapped back into reality. Now what do I do about these chains?

                Meanwhile Mr. D was getting impatient. “What is taking him so long?” He mumbled to himself, “He should have done it by now!” He waited a little longer before he said, “Number seven! Give me your gun!”

                Expressionless, the guard named number seven gave Mr. D his gun. Mr. D gripped the gun and smirked as he aimed it towards the water. “All he needed was a little kick.” He smiled as he pulled the trigger.

                One minute he was sinking into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, the next he felt a searing pain in his arm. The water started to turn dark red around him as the pain grew. He looked at his arm but could see nothing but red water. Seconds later I felt another shock of pain in my lower leg. I just got shot. Twice. He sensed another bullet streaming through the water towards him. An instant before the bullet would have hit him; he felt his shoulder blades rip. Pain exploded from his shoulders, as without thinking he shot out of the water. At that point two things went wrong. Everyone was trying to take pictures of him and Mr. D was taking out something that looked like a giant rifle. Seconds passed before he realized how he was staying above the water. He turned around to look at his back, and he nearly passed out. There were fifteen foot, dark blue, armor-like wings beating up and down on his back. The minute he realized what was happening, he lost control, and started to fall back towards the water. He quickly remembered to flap and he was soon air-born again. His eyes once again fell onto Mr. D and the giant weapon he was now pointing at Hunter. Hunter saw Mr. D load the gun-like weapon and aim it directly at him. The minute he pulled the trigger pain exploded through hunter’s whole body. He felt himself losing altitude as he could no longer see. He had dodged the bullet by inches, and now he could feel nothing but the water pulling him down towards the sea floor.

                Mr. D felt over-joyed and terrified at the same time. He had never expected them to be real. Them being…the dragon-born. Everyone always told him that he was crazy, and his own mother even sent him to a mental hospital. Mr. D watched Hunter underwater while number eleven held a video camera. The morph was magnificent. It was like watching a movie right before their eyes.

                As weird as the transformation was, Mr. D and number eleven kept their eyes on Hunter the whole time. Mr. D had been waiting for this moment his whole life, and he was not about to miss it. He waited a few seconds before he realized that he might have hit Hunter too many times.

                  Hunter increased in size, and a mixture of confusion and pain filled his mind. Dark blue scales started replacing the skin on his back, and he felt as if ten tons were added to his weight with every scale. At the end of his spine he started to grow a tail. It kept growing until it was at least ten feet long. All of this hurt like crazy. Imagine adding another body part that weighed half as much as you did every  second! Soon all his skin was covered in dark blue scales, and his nails on both hands and feet had grew into giant talons. By the time his nose turned into a snout he felt like he was going to explode. When he could see again he looked around at his body. A million questions ran through his head, but he had no answers.

                After about ten minutes of thrashing around and panicking, Hunter finally calmed down. When he finally snapped back into reality, he started trying to move parts of his new body. First he tried his tail. That came quickly to him and he realized that with it he could swim really fast and smoothly. Next he tried his wings. That was just a bit harder. If you had something grow out of your back it would probably take you a while to figure out how to move them. After almost ten minutes he figured out how to make them flap. The first time he flapped he moved a few feet. The he flapped hard and he shot out of the water. After about two seconds he landed in the water with a crash.

                Mr. D was astonished as he watched Hunter jump out of the water. He was waiting for Hunter to do something else while number elven sat there taking both rapid pictures and video.

                “Isn’t this magnificent, number eleven? The day I finally proved they are real.

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