The Dragon Born Book 1: The Dragon's Tide

As Hunter slowly descended down towards the ocean floor, his blindfold slipped off. The water was murky gray and full of fish that circled him in confusion. His lungs started to burn and he remembered that he could breathe underwater.

Hunter Greenwood, age 15, was an adopted child. His mom sent him away to a crazy boarding school with a mad principal named Mr. D. On a field trip out to the Atlantic ocean where he found himself shoved out the porthole of the ship. He did not know what his life was about to become...

(be sure to read at least through the third chapter)


3. Chapter 3~The Porthole


Hunter woke up to the sound of the bell. He was going to be late! The bells have five minutes in between the starting bell and the late bell, and he was just getting out of bed! Hunter ran downstairs while putting on his clothes. He brushed his teeth while he combed his hair, and he grabbed a banana as he ran out the door. He stopped running as soon as he got out his door. He looked at his schedule. First period is room 123. He quickly walked to room 123 getting lost twice. When he got there the bell rang as he was stepping into the room. Everyone was already at their seats and he was embarrassed.

                The Algebra 2 teacher was a nice old man who sat him down next to a boy who looked just as embarrassed as he did. The period went by pretty quickly. The teacher introduced himself and said he was Mr. Farrow.  Hunter noticed that the teacher spoke with no expression at all. All they did was receive the classroom expectations and the teacher put on a short video about the class. Then he handed out binders and other school supplies. It was quite boring. When the bell rang he walked to his next period. He saw that the boy he sat next to in algebra was following him. Hunter stopped walking to talk to the boy. "Hi." said Hunter. He thought he should have at least one friend at this new school. “Hi, I'm Hunter." He said smiling.

                The boy looked nervous and kept walking. Rude. Hunter caught up to him and said, "Well you're not even going to say anything?!"

                The boy looked at hunter as they kept walking. "My name is Daniel." Daniel apparently didn't talk to people very often. He ran ahead away from Hunter as if he was being chased by guards. Actually he was... They beat him in the head and dragged him to the office. Well. He hoped Daniel was going to be ok.

                Hunter was going to be late for class. The hall way was nearly empty and he could tell that the bell was going to ring. He ran through the hallway not caring if he was seen. He arrived after the bell rang and the teacher did not look like she was the person to be nice to someone who was late for her class. She called the office and asked them to come pick him up. Great. His third time in the office in only two days. He had been through this before. The guard showed up seconds later to pick him up. He got clubbed over the head, and when he woke up he was in the familiar chair in front of the principal's desk. Hunter was embarrassed more than ever. Mr. D stared down at him. Hunter expected him to be angry for coming to his office for the third time, but he was calm. For a while no one said anything until Mr. D cleared his throat and said, "Um..... I don't know what to say. How did you manage to find your way here again?"

                Hunter stared at him for another moment before he said, "I don't know...I was two seconds late for a class and the teacher called security. Now if you don't mind, I am missing my class."

                 Hunter started to leave when Mr. D said, "One more thing. I want to invite you to a field trip with all of the eleventh and twelfth graders."

                Hunter was confused. "I don't get it. Why are you being so nice to me? I have already been sent here three times and I bet that is more than anyone else this year so far."

                Mr. D ignored his question and said, "The trip is this Saturday at 8:00am. You need to be in the cafeteria by 7:45am. We are taking a boat out into the ocean so dress...warmly." A smile crept out onto Mr. D's face as Hunter turned and left.

                                                                                 *   *   *

                The next morning Hunter woke at 7:15am. He paced his dorm considering whether or not he should go on the trip or if he should just stay at school and continue with his extremely boring classes. At around 7:30am he decided he would go. He had nothing to lose and he would rather be by the water than cooped up in a classroom listening to his boring teachers.

                At 7:45 he was sitting in a cafeteria full of a bunch of kids who were older than him. He put his head down and he sat there listening to all the kids yelling and running around. He stood out...a lot. A bell sounded and all the kids quieted down and they started to walk orderly out of the room. It's shocking how a place like this can really take the personality out of a kid.

                When everyone was out of the building we had to walk half a mile to get to the parking lot (the school was out in the woods).  When Hunter was following the rest of the giant group, a boy about his height and age slowed down so he would be next to hunter. "Hi." He said. "How y' doin'? My name is Charlie." He held out his had to shake. Hunter stared at him not saying anything. "What never shaken a hand before?" Charlie mumbled. The boy's southern accent was getting on Hunter's nerves. Charlie dropped his hand to his side looking offended. "So, what is your name? And what grade are you in. I'm in 11th."

                Hunter once again stared at the boy before saying, "My name is Hunter and I'm in 9th grade." Hunter then walked faster trying to get away from the boy. He didn't know why he felt this way about meeting people or why he was being so rude.

                                                                                                *  *  *

                An hour later Hunter was sitting on a boat about to set sail into the Atlantic Ocean. Here is the worst part... he got paired with Charlie. Hunter wanted to jump off the boat into the ocean where he would be free.

                As they boarded the boat Charlie kept asking where he wanted to sit. "You know we could sit in the cabin, or outside, or on the edge of the boat, or we could sit in the bottom shafts of the boat. Oh! I heard there was a cool g-"

                Hunter interrupted him saying, "Shut up Charlie!" A low growl was coming from his throat. As soon as the words came out Hunter realized how mean he was being to Charlie...and everyone. Charlie looked at him for a few seconds with tears welling up in his eyes before he turned and ran to the stern of the boat where he jumped off and ran into the forest. "What did I just do?!" Hunter asked himself.

                Five minutes later there was a buzz over the small intercom on the side of the cabin. "We will now be setting sail. All of those who get sea sick...we suggest that you go below to the cabin where there will be things to keep you distracted. Thank you." Hunter took his seat. He sat down by the railing of the boat. Just then Charlie walked back on to the boat. He was sniffling and he looked like he had been crying...a lot. When the captain was observing the deck for a final time he saw Charlie walk on board. "What are you doing?!" the captain cried. "You are lucky that we didn't just set sail! The engine would have cut you into hamburger meat! You wo-" he stopped when he saw the blood starting to cover Charlie's shirt. "Why didn't you tell me you were hurt?!" He asked as he fumbled for his walkie-talkie. "I need numbers 1-12 on the ship now!" He stared at Charlie waiting for an answer.

                "You didn't give me the chance to say anything." said Charlie as he tried not to cry. As the people labeled 1-9 started to run onto the ship, the captain ran into the cabin to postpone the ship's departure. The people were dressed in medical clothes, but they still had their numbers.

                "What happened to you?" One of the medics asked with no expression, as he started to cut the shirt away from the wound.

                "I s-saw something. I-it was big and g-green." he sobbed. As soon as the medics saw the wound without the shirt around it their mouths flew open.

                "What is that?" One of them asked. There were six giant 5 inch slashes on Charlie's chest. About a minute after the wound was exposed, Charlie burst into tears because of the pain. That brought all the medics back to reality. They put Charlie on a stretcher and pulled him off the ship and into the forest.

                "What?!" Mr. D mumbled excitedly. "There are two of them!" Hunter's hearing was always about six times better than the average human, so he could hear everything Mr. D just said. He decided it would be best to keep his extended hearing to himself so he kept quiet at the boat set sail.

                About ten minutes after they left the shore, Mr. D called hunter down below to               the cabin for a 'quick meeting'. "Please sit down...Hunter" Mr. D started. Hunter knew this was not going to end well. "I want you something." Mr. D said as he stood up. Mr. D led Hunter over to a small porthole on the lower deck. He opened the small window and the scent of the ocean washed in. Hunter loved that smell. Hunter felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, and before he could do anything he was blindfolded and gagged. Giant cuffs clamped onto his ankles and more on his wrists. He then felt something pick him up and he knew what was about to happen. "This is just a small test." He said as he shoved Hunter out of the porthole. "Hey number eleven!" he called. "Quick lets time him!"





Chapter 4~


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