The Dragon Born Book 1: The Dragon's Tide

As Hunter slowly descended down towards the ocean floor, his blindfold slipped off. The water was murky gray and full of fish that circled him in confusion. His lungs started to burn and he remembered that he could breathe underwater.

Hunter Greenwood, age 15, was an adopted child. His mom sent him away to a crazy boarding school with a mad principal named Mr. D. On a field trip out to the Atlantic ocean where he found himself shoved out the porthole of the ship. He did not know what his life was about to become...

(be sure to read at least through the third chapter)


2. Chapter 2~The principal of lies


While Hunter was being dragged farther into the school, Mrs. Greenwood was waiting patiently for him to return. But after hours of waiting no one showed up but the principle Mr. D.

                "Sorry for the wait miss, but Hunter wanted to go farther into the school on his own for a little while, so I thought I would leave him alone. But he did say that he really liked the school and that he really wanted to attend Rockington, and that he would be very upset if you changed your mind." This took Mrs. Greenwood by surprise.

                "Are you serious Mr. D? Did Hunter really say that? It's hard for me to believe that someone like...well Hunter would even consider this school after what he told me in the c-" They were interrupted by a roaring sound. Mr. D was listening closely as if he was holding a tape recorder. When it stopped Mr. D ran out of the room saying

                "I must go investigate I'll be back soon." When he left Mrs. Greenwood, she was both shocked and curious and even a little impatient from waiting so long for Hunter to come back. She decided that she would try to wait and if Mr. D took too long then she would text Hunter to see what was going on.

                Mr. D was running down the hall way towards the security office in search of the maker of the sound. Of course he had suspected Hunter from the beginning but he was sure when he heard him growl. As he turned a corner and approached the office, he could see the security guard who took Hunter lying on the floor with blood coming out of three slashes on his back. He slowly stepped over the guard and scanned the room looking for Hunter. The first thing he saw was a pile of torn cloth that looked like the clothes Hunter was wearing. The second thing he saw was a boy passed out in the corner. They boy was Hunter and he had no clothes on so Mr. D looked away in disgust and threw a blanket over him. Mr. D then called another security guard to come watch Hunter to make sure nothing...happened to him. After the guard got there, Mr. D ran back to the front office where Mrs. Greenwood sat very sick of waiting. When he walked in he said

                "Hunter wanted me to tell you that he wants to stay here instead of going back home to consider. He wants you to mail his clothes and belongings here so that he can attend Rockington. It is official, Hunter wants to stay." Hunter's mom was very shocked. In fact she had trouble believing that he would even have a conversation with the man. But... if that's what Hunter wanted then that is what would happen.

                "Are you sure that he said all of this?" Mrs. Greenwood asked.

                "Those were his exact words" He replied looking straight at her." Now if you would please leave so that we can get Hunter settled and print his schedule, then that would be great." Mrs. Greenwood thought this was rude but she got up and left the school, driving away completely shocked.

                As soon as Mrs. Greenwood left , Mr. D ran back to the security office where Hunter was being held. When he got there Hunter was awake and the guard was trying his best to keep him from running out.

                "Thank you number seven, your job here is done." Mr. D said as he walked into the room. Number seven waited outside the office just in case something happened. As Mr. D slowly paced the room staring at Hunter as if he was some kind of animal, Hunter sat curled up in the corner.

As he stared back at Mr. D he said, "Can I have some clothes please?" Mr. D kept staring at him as he went to a closet and pulled out a shirt and some pants. The shirt was black with a grey collar and the pants were all black. Hunter put them on and he slowly stood up and said, “Now if you don't mind, I think my mom has been waiting for quite some time now, so I'm just going to go home now."

                Mr. D stood in front of him and shook his head" Your mom said that she was leaving you here because this school was wonderful and she thought it would be a great opportunity for you. She said she would mail some of your clothes here and that she would miss you." Hunter tried to take all of this in but he couldn't believe that she would just make a decision like that without his approval. Hunter just stared back at Mr. D for a long time until Mr. D grabbed his walkie-talkie and said, "Would number nine please come escort Hunter Greenwood to his dorm please. Oh and would someone print his schedule please. Thank you." Soon after he said that a man with the number nine on his shirt walked in. Number nine grabbed Hunter's arm and pulled him out of the office.

                On the trip to the boy’s dormitory, Hunter was just being dragged by number nine through a bunch of hallways. And when they got into the dorm number nine pulled him up to door number sixty-seven. Then number nine pulled out a black bracelet and slapped it onto Hunter's wrist. He then pulled Hunter's wrist up to a scanner on the door. After a second the door clicked open and Hunter was shoved into his dorm. The door was slammed shut and locked from the outside.

                Hunter was scared and confused. He had just been locked into a room, and there was this weird bracelet on his arm! As he walked around the room he realized that it wasn't that bad. On the first floor there was a TV and a couch with a small table in front of it. In another small room there was a small desk with a chair. There was also a mini fridge in the corner. When he opened it up it was full of drinks and snacks. Upstairs there was a big bed and some bookshelves. There was also a balcony that looked over the forests and the mountains. This was like a mini hotel suite. Hunter would have been excited if he weren't being held captive by some strange man. Hunter grabbed a coke from the mini fridge and sat down on the couch. He reached for the remote and realized that this TV didn't have cable and it only played DVDs. He opened the cabinet under the TV and there were tons of movies. He grabbed The Amazing Spiderman and started to watch it on the TV.

                When he was about half way through he heard a knock on the door. He paused the movie and walked to the door. "Who is it?" He called. 

                He heard a voice call, "Just open the damn door!"

                 Hunter tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge. "I can’t.” He called. "It won't open."

                "Use your bracelet!" The person yelled. Hunter then put his bracelet up to the scanner and the door clicked open. "It's about time" Said the extremely fat woman standing in the doorway.  "Here is your schedule" Said the fat lady as she shoved a piece of paper into his hand. Hunter shut the door and sat back down on the couch.

                He opened the piece of paper and read aloud to himself. "First period Algebra 2, Second period English, Third period World studies, Fourth period Science, and Fifth Period sports (in the second, semester it says he switches to technology). Hunter had no bad feeling about his schedule, .he was going to have to try his best to stay calm in class until he gets to Fifth period, but besides that nothing was really a big problem.

                Just as he was reaching for the remote on the table a bell rang followed by a familiar voice on the intercom, "Welcome all new students of Rockington Boarding school. We are glad to have you here. For all the new students who don't know that was the 6:55 bell. That was the dinner bell, and dinner will be starting in five minutes. Have a nice day, and by the way...the cafeteria line closes at 7:05 so hurry. That is all."

                                                                                *   *   *


                Hunter had to hurry. He was running down the halls towards the cafeteria. He was stopped shortly by another security guard. The guard did not ask politely for him to stop running. Instead he just clubbed Hunter in the head with a baton. Hunter fell to the floor with a thud. The guard picked him up in a fireman's carry and brought him to Mr. D's office.

                When Hunter finally woke up he was sitting in a big chair...right where he was for the interview. Hunter didn't actually consider it an interview because they weren't really talking. Hunter watched Mr. D approach him, his cold blue eyes saw right through him. "Hello Hunter," He began "I brought you some food." Mr. D held out a tray with some steaming hot fried chicken on it. There was also a coke and some fries.

                Hunter looked straight at the man and said, "Nice food for a prison."

                 Mr. D laughed. "I didn't intend for this to be a prison. But call it what you want." Hunter took the tray and bit into the chicken. As soon as he tasted it he wanted more and more and more. In about a minute he had finished both chicken legs and started the fries. He realized he hadn't eaten anything since he left his house. He popped open the soda, took a drink and looked at Mr. D. He had sat at his desk while Hunter ate. "I hoped you enjoyed. My chef is quite professional." Hunter continued to just stare at him while he casually drank from his soda. "Now Hunter, I was going to send my guard to find you but...." His voice trailed off." Well now that you are here, I wanted to ask you how you liked your room."

                This struck Hunter as odd. He wanted to know how he liked his room. That's weird. "Um...its fine...I guess."

                Mr. D looked kind of annoyed, as if he was expecting more. "Well by the way, running in the halls is not permitted, and you were lucky my guard did not use a taser on you. Usually that's what they use, but because I wanted to see you...he used his baton instead. You're a lucky boy." After a moment of silence Mr. D's alarm went off and he pushed a small button that set off the bell. "You are dismissed now Mr. Greenwood."

                On Hunter's way back to his room nothing big happened. When he got to his room he unlocked the door, went inside, and got ready to go to sleep. He grabbed a bottle of water as he went upstairs to his bed. When he got there he went straight to sleep.

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